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Alisha Chinai mainly sings Pop music in Hindi.
Votes / Rating : 85 / 8.76
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Alisha Chinoy / Alisha Chinai: Birth name Sujata Chinai. Best known as the Asian 'Madonna', Alisha Chinoy has been constantly hitting headlines since the late 1980's, when three of her chart topping albums all touched double and triple platinum marks. She blazed the trail of Indi pop with the sale of over 10 million albums to her name, including 'Babydoll', 'Jadoo', 'Aa-Alisha' and the popular 'Made In India'.

Her album, 'Made in India', was the highest selling record in Indian history, crossing the 3.5 million mark. The song made waves at the music charts and ushered new trends in pop music thereafter. Her distinctively unique vocal ability, stunning looks and charisma have added up to make her an instant hit both on stage and on screen. Alisha has received the prestigious International Billboard Award last year and, more recently, the Freddie Mercury Award for Artistic Excellence. With a total sale of over 10 million albums, Alisha Chinoy has blazed the trail of Indi pop for over a decade.

She's also backed the vocals of a bollywood film, for Karisma Kapoor with her unforgettable 'sexy sexy' number. Alisha Chinoy, the undisputed Queen of Indipop, and the dil ki rani of many entered the Indian music scene at a time when Indipop was an unknown concept. In fact, Alisha came to be recognised as the pioneer of Indipop. Alisha followed up these albums with Om - the inner voice and, more recently, Dil Ki Rani. This album also sees the return of the Made In India team of Alisha and Biddu. After taking almost three years off to produce her new self-titled album, 'Alisha'. She has teamed up with the musician, Sandeep Chowta and lyricist Nitin Raikwar to bring out a fusion of sounds. Probably India's only truly ``International'' pop star, Alisha today is a household name. Reflecting on her past successes, Alisha says, With the mammoth success of Made In India, I knew I had crossed boundaries and with Dil Ki Rani, I hope to recreate the same magical effect."

Alishas self-titled latest album 'Alisha' is composed by noted film musician Sandeep Chowta and has lyrics by Nitin Raikwar. Alisha has a prolific playback singing career too. She started with the 1985 film Tarzan and provided notable vocals for Tridev and the sizzling Kaate nahin kat te from Mr India. Her most recent offerings are Karobaar and Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. Born as Sujata, Alisha likes to be called Alisha. There is a sense of demeanor in that name and thats what I like about it, she opines? And what is Sujata? She is very boring, shy and very much alone. And how is Alisha? She is simply not boring and never alone. Famous for her whimsical moods and hoity-toity attitude, Though its music that made Alisha what she is today she is also a name in advertising scenario and stage with critically acclaimed play like Evita to her credit. So why did she choose music as a career? Singing is more gratifying for me and that is something that I do best.

About her latest album titled Ishq Se Ishq Hai Alisha informs that this album includes songs of all kinds. There are folk, sufi, bhangra, techno which have dance beats and a couple of romantic love songs. I always try to make songs which are ever lasting and this time too is no exception, she claims. The presence of Sandeep Chowta, one of the most talented and innovative composers on the music scene currently, as the composer of the album's music goes to a large extent in making it a lucrative and melodious package for music buffs. Now as far as music videos go, Alisha has roped in none other than director Ram Gopal Varma. Alisha and Varma, share very good vibes after Alisha rendered one of the songs in Varma's forthcoming production, Rajat Mukherji-directed Pyar Tune Kya Kiya. With her album in the offing Alisha did an intelligent thing by asking Varma to direct her video. And Varma, being the gem of a person that he is consented without dilly-dallying. Given Varma's excellent sense of song picturisation and the riot of colors that he brings about on the screen without making it cheap and vulgar, Alisha sure has a winner in hands.
She is one of the pioneers of pop music in India and after all these years she is still around.

Albums released: Aah Alisha, Baby Doll, Madonna, Bombay Girl, Made in India.
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