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Ustad Ahmed Hussain & Mohammed Hussain mainly sings Qawwali music in Urdu.
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Ustad Ahmed Hussain & Ustad Mohammed Hussain:

Ustad Ahmed and Mohemmad Hussain are a unique phenonmenon in the world of ghazals. They are two brothers who sing ghazals together. They have a classical background and sing ghazals in the good old classical style.

Born in Rajastan, the duo are versatile, touching genres like Classical and bhajans apart from ghazals. They started their singing career as classical and tumri artists, but are now established as masters of ghazal. Their first album Guldasta was released in 1980 and was quite successful. Since then they have released about 50 albums.

Endowed with a sweet voice highly suitable for ghazal singing, they sing with good feel and understanding for each other, which is so important when singing together, especially when there is improvisation involved. They have, unfortunately, also attempted 'pop'ularizing their music by turning to tempo music in Maan bhi ja. One hopes they don't fall for the temptation of more popularity and debase ghazals.

Naturally several awards have come their way including the prestigious Sangeeth Natak Academy award in 2000.

1. Shafaq - 1997
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