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Album : Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 01/21/2003
Rating : 8.86
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore
Singer(s) : Manmohan Waris
2. Dukh Vichhde Nankanay Daa
Singer(s) : Manmohan Waris
3. Talvar Khadki
Singer(s) : Manmohan Waris
4. Chidi Baj Nal Larhdi
Singer(s) : Manmohan Waris
5. 15 Sall Da Yodha
Singer(s) : Manmohan Waris
6. Sara Hi Lahaur Kambia
Singer(s) : Manmohan Waris
7. Kalla Sardar Khada
Singer(s) : Manmohan Waris
8. Parbhat Feri
Singer(s) : Manmohan Waris
Album Description :
Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore - 01 Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore
Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore - 02 Dukh Vichhde Nankanay Da
Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore - 03 Talvar Khadki
Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore - 04 Chidi Baj Nal Larhdi
Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore - 05 15 Sall Da Yodha
Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore - 06 Sara Hi Lahaur Kambia
Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore - 07 Kalla Sardar Khada
Ghar Hun Kitni Ku Doore - 08 Parbhat Feri

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by harinder1 done on 11/10/2004 : Brilliant religious album 8/10
Excellent shabads by waaris sahib, look forward to next album
Review by Punjabi229 done on 11/14/2004 : Beautiful 10/10
When you put a dharmik album out, with a voice so beautiful as Manmohan Waris's, how can you fail? This album is amazing, brilliant lyrics, excellent music by his brother who never fails as well.... My personal favourite track is track 2, "Dukh Vichde Nanakanay Daa", listen to it, find out what the words mean, and I'am sure you'll let out a tear... it's so deep and true, I can't wait till' Manmohan's next religious album, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ke Fateh
Review by aneet3 done on 11/27/2004 : Great Religeous album! 9/10
This album could be one of the greatest religeous albums of all time, Waris made a great album about the sikh religeon.
Review by koondabadla done on 01/16/2005 : Amazing 10/10
Amazing album. All i can say is that the youth need to start paying more attention to there religion and this album is great for the Sikh community. If you understand the lyrics, it's one of the most emotional sikhi albums of all time. I recommend everyone to listen to this album especially the track Dukh Vichhde Nankanay Daa.
Review by gsingh1987 done on 02/05/2005 : Veryy good album 10/10
This is a very good album a must have. Every song in the album is done very well. The videos are even better. One of the best religious album ever.
Review by uotreps done on 02/08/2005 : Super great!!! 10/10
This is another best.... waris bhaji is doing really jazzy b...... Download This Album .....You Will Love It...Better Than Bhangra Songs . . . laterzzzz
Review by Jetbatt18 done on 06/15/2005 : R.E. Album 10/10
Jus heard it man its really gud man! Hes a Lgend and so is the faith
Review by ankhillajatt done on 11/14/2005 : wahegru wow wha 10/10
no words loved every song wow
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