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Album : Mera Pind - My Home 2008
Type : Movie
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 08/08/2008
Rating : 7.71
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Mera Pind
Singer(s) : Harbhajan Mann
2. Gheda Sheda
Singer(s) : Harbhajan Mann
3. College
Singer(s) : Harbhajan Mann
4. Bhul Jaaye
Singer(s) : Harbhajan Mann
5. Jatt
Singer(s) : Harbhajan Mann & Labh Janjua
6. Chan Naal
Singer(s) : Harbhajan Mann & Rani Randeep
7. Bharavaan
Singer(s) : Harbhajan Mann
8. Dhaaba
Singer(s) : Harbhajan Mann & Rani Randeep
Album Description :
Album / Movie: Mera Pind - My Home 2008
Singer: Harbhajan Mann
Co-Singer(s): Rana Ranbir, Rani Randeep & Labh Janjua
Starring: Harbhajan Mann, Kimi Varma, Navjot Singh Sidhu
Director: Manmohan Singh
Label: Big Music
Lyrics: Babu Singh Mann
Music: Babloo Kumar
Track Listing:

01 Mera Pind - Harbhajan Mann
02 Gheda Sheda - Harbhajan Mann & Rani Randeep
03 College - Harbhajan Mann
04 Bhul Jaaye - Harbhajan Mann
05 Jatt - Harbhajan Mann & Labh Janjua
06 Chan Naal - Harbhajan Mann & Rani Randeep
07 Bharavaan - Harbhajan Mann
08 Dhaaba - Harbhajan Mann & Rani Randeep

Synopsis: Sidhu (Navjot Sidhu) - a well to do, happy go lucky NRI who has chosen to settle in his native village, spreads the message of self-empowerment and entrepreneurship amongst the village youth. Led by Himmat (Harbhajan Mann), the youth set off a revolution of development in the village. Their lives are changed by Sidhus simple but extremely enterprising initiatives. Soon, the village transforms into a modern prosperous hamlet and becomes a model village. The film drives an important message targeted at Punjabi audiences to realize the importance of being an entrepreneur in ones own land rather than showing their extraordinary entrepreneurship in the West where Punjabis are touted to be fairly successful and hardworking, an impression which belies the visible reality back home. Mera Pind is a complete family entertainer with a perfect blend of emotions, drama and comedy.

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