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Album : Tum Aaye - Songs of Togetherness
Type : Singer
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 01/01/2002
Rating : 8.5
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Mujhe Aaj Tune
Singer(s) : Alka Yagnik
2. Tum Aaye
Singer(s) : Alka Yagnik
3. Kya Tumhe Bhi Aisa
Singer(s) : Alka Yagnik
4. Meri Yaadon Mein Ab Tak
Singer(s) : Alka Yagnik
6. Kya Tumhe Pata Hai
Singer(s) : Hariharan
7. Nazaare Jaage
Singer(s) : Hariharan
8. Aa Saath Aa
Singer(s) : Hariharan
Album Description :
Music By: Raju Singh
Singers: Hariharan & Alka Yagnik
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Tracks :
Mujhe aaj tune
Tum aaye
Kya tumhe bhi aisa
Meri yaadon mein ab tak
Tum jo mile
Kya tumhe pata hai
Nazaare jaage
Aa saath aa
Tum aaye

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by Manjurul60 done on 11/14/2004 : Tum Aaye 10/10
If you are an ardent lover of good & canorous, soft, melodious music, in search of meaningful themes for Love, would love to hear cool, soft, deep-rooted numbers will definitely find this album interesting. Its an Ultimate Album, which expresses lost, & silhouetted love, waiting desperately till the end. Its an incomparable, intrinsic, deep down album, unmatched lyrics of the great writter Javed Akhtars, Raju Singhs Great Music & Alka Yagniks Melodious vocal, is blended together. A perfect poetic expression of Love is invented. Some great unforgettable Love songs are born, to add your Music collections. Here this Unique piece...TUM YAAD AAYE. Javed sahab is well known for his excellence in giving the best lyrics to the Indian cinema for years... TUM YAAD AAYE. This is a non filmy album. It comprises of 8 beautiful love songs. The songs are sung very well, its actually music to your ears. Do hear it.... Here it goes... Javed says... Mohabbat palkon pe kitne haseen Khwab sajate hai... Phoolon se mahekte khwab, Sitaron se mahekte khwab, Shabnam se baraste khwab, phir kabhie yun bhi hota hai, ki palko ki daliyon se Khwabo ke saare parinde uudh jaate hai... This means: Love weaves so many beautiful dreams on the eyelids.. ie. In the eyes, they are full of sweet fragrances, Dreams full of glittering stars, Dreams which fall like the beautiful fogs, then one fine day, all the dreams flies away like the birds take off.... Alka Yagnik sings... 1) Hummm.... humm....humm... Sare sapne kahi kho gaye, Haye hum kya se kya ho Gaye... Dil se Tanhai ka dard jita, kya kahe hum pe kya kya bita... Tum na aaye, magar jo gaye, haye hum kya se kya ho gaye... Music ***** Lyric***** Javed says... Haseen Lamhein, Sareer Lamhein, Sharmile Lamhein, Zizagte Lamhein, Pigalte Lamhein, Dhadhate Lamhein, Dil ki pagdandiyon par, apne pairon ke nishaan chodh gaye hai.. Mausam Badalte hai, Hawayein chalti hai, Yeh nissan , na mitte hai, Na halke hote hai... This means: Beautiful moments, naughty, shy moments, hesitating, melting moments, The heart beats, leavings away the footsteps over the hearts, the weather changes, the winds blow, but the footprints remains untouched, always deep in the hearts... Alka Yagnik sings... 2) Zaara zara si baatein, Teri mujhko yaad aati hai, Mere dil ko, Tadpati hai, Raaton mein, Zaara zara si baatein... This is a nice foot tapping number. Music **** Lyric***** Javed says... Samunder ki lehre, Apni saron pe zhake, Taaj sajaye, Itlati huyee, Sahilon ki taraf, Badhti hai.. Lehre chaknachur ho jati hai, Aksar, sapne bhi, sachhaiyon se, takrake yuhi, tutte hai, Magar dil woh kambakht hai, ke phir bhi Ummeed karta hai, Shayad Kabhie, shayad kahi.. This means: The beautiful waves come towards the cliff in a full swing & clash into tremendous splashes of the ocean; often the dreams,collides against the realities of Life and crashes into thousand bits. But the dreams in the heart never sinks, it keeps hoping, that may be sometime, someday, it may... Alka Yagnik sings 3) Sagar se bhi Gahree hai tanhaiya, Raat se bhi kali gamki parchaiya, Dhoondhti hoon tumhe, Khoye na jaane ho.. Tum kahaa, Tum kahaa, Tum ho kahaa.... This one is very tantalizing to the ears, little loud, but the lyrics are rare! Music ***** Lyric***** Javed says... Pile patton ka mausam ja chuka hai, Zameen par har taraf rang hi rang hai, Shokh aur dilkas, ujle aashman mein, safed badaloki tukdiyaa tair rahee hai, Wadiyon pe, hare ghaas ki kaleen beech gaye hai, Yahi sub kuch tha, jab hum tum mile they, Wohi sub kuch hai, Lekin tum nahi ho... This means The seasons of the pale, yellow leaves have gone, Spring has arrived, It is colorful everywhere. The skies are clear & blue. Snow-White clouds are sailings in between. There is greenery spread over the mountains and valleys, These were the things, when we had met, yet same things exist, but You are missing.... Alka Yagnik sings.. 4) Jab geet hawaone gaye, Tum yaad aaye, Jab khusboo ke badal chaye, Tum yaad aaye, Jab subahone rang chalkaye, Tum yaad aaye, Jab mahkte shamo ke saaye, Tum yaad aaye.... This is the title song, very well sung, it has a great feel, which shall relate to every person in love... Music ***** Lyric***** Javed says... Ek samay tha ki Fizayon mein sangeet ghula tha, Hawayein, ghanere pedon mein chupke, apni raginiya, sunay karti thi, Phool zhumte they, pattiya sarsarati thi, Nadiya, Zarne, Zhil, sabhi to gunguna rahein they, ab, jo Tum nahi ho, to apni awaz bhi sunai nahi deti... This means: Once upon a time, their was sweet fusion of melodious music in the air, the winds would hide in between the dense trees & sing songs, the flowers would swing along the sweet tunes, the dry leaves would echo, the rivers, streams would accompany the singing winds. But now that you are not their, i cant even hear my own voice... Alka Yagnik sings... 5) Tu nahi to jaise mere, Hoton se geet hi kho gaye saare, Tu nahi to, meresur ajnabi ho gaye saare, Sun le tu meri, Khamoshiyon ki sada, Sunle tu woh bhi, maine nahi jo kahan...ab aabhija.. This song has a very fast beat, & its lyrics are different. Music **** Lyric***** Javed says... Tumhara naam meri dhadkano mein shamil hai, Tumhara naam meri saason mein basa hai, Tumhara naam meri tan badan mein zindagi banke rehta hai, Sun sako to suno... Ke in fizao ke hoton par, Tumhara hi naam hai, Aa sako to aajao, ke mere saath yeh, fizayen bhi, sadiyon se tumhare intezaar mein.... This means: Your name is embedded in my heart, your name is immersed in my veins, and your name is living in my body & soul. If you can hear me, then see that your name is present even on the lips of the weathers, If you can come, then do come, because like me even the seasons are waiting for you for decades.... Alka Yagnik sings... 6) Gunj raha hai, dil mein na jaane, Kabse tumhara naam, Aao rasta dekh rahi hai, gehri nili shaam... Well this a very soft & impacting number. Music **** Lyric***** Javed says... Kaise Bataye, aur kisko bataye, Ki, kaise thi woh muskurahate, Jinme zindagi ke ujale they, Kaisi thi woh nigahe, jo is dilko Chhuleti thi, Kaise thi woh Khamoshiyaa, jo kahaniya sunati thi, Kaise they woh haat, jo ab, in haaton mein nahi hai... This means: How do I express? & to whom shall i express?? That how beautiful were the smiles, in which the brightness of my life dwelled, How lovely were her eyes, which would touch the hearts knowingly, The calmness & quite gestures would express loads of novel, how warm were the hands, which used to be in my hands, but now they arent anymore.... Alka Yagnik sings... 7) Pyaar mein humne, kya paaya tha, Chodo, yeh sub jaane do, kya samjhate, kya kaisa tha, Jo bhi tha ab jaane do... The music is slow & sad. The lyrics are extremely touchy.
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