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Album : Yaad
Type : Singer
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 11/26/2001
Rating : 8.96
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1. Jeena Hai Tere Liye
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
2. Mohabbat Kabhi Maine
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
3. Aa Pukare
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
4. Hum Na Jaane
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
5. Mere Siva
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
6. Shara La
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
7. Hume Tumse Pyar Hai
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
8. Yeh Dil Tere Bin
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
9. Dekha Maine Sara Jahan
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
10. Kuch Hua
Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam
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Review by mohsinkhan35 done on 02/19/2004 : This Album Rocks!!! 9/10
Sonu nigam is my all time favourite singer,,this album comes up with some kool love(sad) and happy songs, I am grateful to desi users who brought us this album,Desiest Keep It Up!!!
Review by Manjurul60 done on 10/19/2004 : Good For Your Collection 8/10
His first music album Dewane was a BIG HIT and then he came out with Jaan which I bought without any sense! Because it was a total waste and I told myself never to buy Sonus album again but then I saw a music video featuring a song from his third album Yaad Oh god! I loved that song which featured Riya Sen & I went to the store and bought the CD! And heres the review for it: Aa Pukare This song starts out with chorus singing and then sonu starts to sing! It sounds so nice! I loved the music of this it starts out soft and then turns loud! **** Dekha Maine Sara Jahan Starts out with little hard rock pop music & a little OOoo...I am sorry but I really didnt like this song that much! *** Hum Na Jane Starts out with little Arabian music! Its a okay song! ** Hume Tumse Pyar This is a little soft and easy on the ears with little indian music (not pop)!** Jeena Hai Tere Liye This is my the best song from the whole album :) This is the song that feature Riya sounds great! ***** Kuchh Hua This is the 2nd best song from the album :)music is good! lyrics are good! sounds nice! **** Mere Siva Music is okay not all that good! It sounds a lot like a song in Deewane Koun hai vo ladki may be its just me! *** Mohabbat Kabhi Maine I saw this music video too! It looked nice! And the song sounds nice too! Probably 3rd best song from this album! **** Shara La This song is probably the worst song in the album! But when he says shara la is sounds good! *** Ye Dil Tere Bina This is a very slow song and its kinda sad song! It sounds nice! *** ON THE WHOLE ALBUM IT HAS SOME SONGS THAT COULD HAVE SOUNDED BETTER BUT THEN THERE ARE SOME SONGS THAT SOUND SO GOOD that U HAVE TO BUY THE ALBUM! Oh yeah for those of u who havent seen him lately he has a complete hedious make over [may be because he joining BOLLYWOOD now!] He is wearing contacts{blue/green} & He has long curly hair! which looks so ugly on him! So he doesnt have that Boy Next Door Look anymore But atleast his music sounds good better then him!
Review by khiladi_420 done on 11/09/2004 : Yaad 6/10
Sonu Nigam is no Jack-O-Lantern. He did not knock on Faiz Anwars door after their murky and much-publicised fallout, during the making of Yaad. The lyricist who partnered the blue-eyed boy of Indipop to chalk out the success of Deewana abandoned Yaad midway. But Sonu manages to hold the album together, thanks to the caressing quality of his vocals. His voice packs emotion, pathos and chutzpah, all rolled into one. This is also a resurrection of sorts for composer Nikhil-Vinay, who roll the dice right, to create one of the brightest stars to dot the Indipop sky in a long time. The fact that an ambiguous B K N graces the lyrics credits is secondary. The canvas of the album is wide, and Sonu colours it in myriad hues. Jeena hai tere liye packs the punch of a lover in longing, but there is no languor here. Sonu plunges into the song head-on, and infuses it with gusto, only to slow it down at the end of the mukhda. He displays breathtaking vocal play, giving the track an almost chocolatey feel. You are jolted out of the gentle initiation with Mohabbat kabhi maine, which quickens the tempo. Sonu leaves his feeling of longing behind, and dons the garb of the lover out to woo his beloved. A fast-paced track is the quintessential element of every album, and planting it right at the beginning means you have to start tapping your feet early. We then plummet to the inanity of Shara la, which is about the only black patch on the album. Not that the track is to be totally dismissed. The lyrics have a certain carelessness about them, but Sonu executes it with finesse, which is the mark of a true performer. The tantalising influence of Arabian music is evident, but it does not exactly transport you into the realm of belly dancers. T-Series has adopted the clever ploy of positioning the trump cards in the vicinity of the poor tracks, and this is the case with Mere siva. Sonu is best while ruminating over his lyrics, and the pace of this song is slow enough for him to dwell on every nuance of the song; the result is total perfection. It almost leads you by the hand and takes you back to Kuchh tum socho in Deewana, and mind you, you cannot help but think of Deewana. Sonu is reinvention personified, but it is rare to see such vast differences in style within an album, which he achieves. It is as if each song was recorded in different points of time and then strung together. Kuchh hua and Hum na jaane have a will-o'-the-wisp quality about them, and threaten to almost disappear from your memory. But they do possess the frail strength of staying on. Aa pukare is a jaded finale to the album, but since the better tracks have already been heard, there is no reason to invest extra interest in it. The song seems to be a last-minute sustenance effort, but repeated hearing ensures that it grows on you. Nikhil-Vinay have some rough edges to be sharpened; it seems like they will make an appearance more often. The quality of the lyrics is rendered insignificant, and B K N can peacefully remain in the realm of oblivion. The album wears thin at points, but Sonu is the sutradhar, holding it all together. Yaad is not another Deewana, and will never be. But it will be tucked away for a long time to come. . .
Review by sonu5 done on 09/11/2005 : sonu nigam 10/10
I love this and all of his other albums
Review by zakali4u done on 12/06/2005 : His a master 10/10
A master work!! Excellent voice excellent tracks. Just superb
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