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Album : Jat Soormey
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 06/28/1988
Rating : 9.78
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Mitran Da Fitfiteea
Singer(s) : Chirag Pehchan
2. Soorbeer Jat Soormey
Singer(s) : Chirag Pehchan
3. Bale Bale Ni Chuni Meri (Duet)
Singer(s) : Chirag Pehchan
4. Charh Jaengi Doli (Duet)
Singer(s) : Chirag Pehchan
5. Mirza
Singer(s) : Chirag Pehchan
6. Bhangra - Wedding (Duet)
Singer(s) : Mangal Singh & Minoo Parshotam
7. Chankara Penda
Singer(s) : Chirag Pehchan
8. Jhurmat Bole (Duet)
Singer(s) : Mangal Singh & Sarika Kapoor
Album Description :
Album: Jat Soormey
Singer / Group: Chirag Pehchan
Vocals: Mangal Singh, Alka Yagnik, Minoo Parshotam & Sarika Kapoor
Label: Multitione Records Ltd. / Savera
Released On: 06/28/1988
Lyrics: Babu Singh Mann (Except #01 & #05)
Music: Kamalkant
Track Listing:

01 Mitran Da Fitfiteea - Mangal Singh
02 Soorbeer Jat Soormey - Mangal Singh
03 Bale Bale Ni Chuni Meri (Duet)- Mangal Singh & Alka Yagnik
04 Charh Jaengi Doli (Duet) - Mangal Singh, Minoo Parshotam & Sarika Kapoor
05 Mirza - Mangal Singh
06 Bhangra - Wedding (Duet) - Mangal Singh, Minoo Parshotam & Sarika Kapoor
07 Chankara Penda - Mangal Singh
08 Jhurmat Bole (Duet) - Mangal Singh & Sarika Kapoor

Date: 1988
Creator: Chirag Pehchan Group
Copyright: Multitione Records Ltd.
Description: In 1988, UK based bhangra group Chirag Pehchan released this album Jat Soormey on Multitone Records. The music for all eight tracks on the album was composed and arranged by Kamalkanta. The lyrics except song #1 & song #5 were written by Babu Singh Mann. All tracks on this album were used in Punjabi Movie Jat Soormey.

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