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Album : Aika Dajiba
Type : Singer
Language : Marathi
Release Date : 01/01/2003
Rating : 7.46
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1. Aika Dajiba
Singer(s) : Vaishali Samant
Album Description :
Aika Dajiba
You've got to hear this one out. Aika Dajiba. Whilst aika means listen, aika dajiba is a popular phrase in Marathi for hailing out to someone. This phrase has been converted into a peppy song with a trendy beat by Vaishali Samant, and enacted for the video by the pert Ishita Arun (daughter of Ila 'choli ke peeche' Arun) and Milind Gunaji. The song is a 'dhamaal', as is Sawant's rendering of it, and should appeal to all young lovers, as Ishita proposes to Milind to make her his wife right on a busy thoroughfare in Bangkok.

While Aika Dajiba is an undoubted winner, the other numbers on this album are no less worth 'aika'ing to. Samant has a vast vocal range that takes in mellifluously the highs and lows, and she can also render songs of pleasure and pathos with equal felicity. The music, though, seems heavily 'inspired' by R.D. Burman-esque and A.R. Rahman notes; but then that serves to showcase Samant's range. Specially worth listening to are Saila, set to a catchy gypsy beat, Kusumita (is the lucky 'K' responsible for its appeal?) and Yeh Samundar.

The accompanying VCD of the title track, the filming of the track and of Samant's earlier song, Dilbar, Dilbar with its shades of lesbianism, add to the album's appeal and the melodious voice of Vaishali Samant makes it value for money.

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by konsento done on 08/27/2004 : Aika Dajiba 10/10
her debut album Aika Dajiba could very well change all that. The tapori song, "Aika Dajiba," which was shot in Bangkok is already the most requested song at weddings while the other songs though synthetic show off Vaishali's undeniable talent. And for sure Vaishali can be credited for bringing Marathi songs into the mainstream consciousness (her previous hit was the dancy "Dhagala Lagli"). I'm not a fan of music from India, but Aika Dajiba expanded my music horizon! =)
Review by Manjurul60 done on 10/21/2004 : Simply a Beautiful & Touching Album! 7/10
Nice Album Which I heard last week at my friends place. The Cd quality was very poor. Aika Dajiba is the first solo indipop album of a talented Vaishali Samant who has to her credit various cover as well as remix version albums .She has a few devotional albums too. In fact, she is known as the queen of remixes due to her various remix hit tracks including 'Tu Tu Hai Wohi', 'Dilbar Dilse', 'Dhagala Laagli Kala' and 'Jab Chhaye Mera Jadoo'. As a fast upcoming playback singer she has already sung under the baton of composers like Ismail Darbar, Viju Shah, Daboo Malik and even AR Rahman for films like 'Taal', 'Lagaan' and 'Saathiya'. Coming back to her maiden solo album Aika Dajiba, Vaishali has chosen a wide range of tracks in an attempt to showcase her versatility and prove to the world that there's more to her than the remix tracks that she's so popular for. Released under the Sagarika label the album has eight tracks composed by newcomer Avadhoot Gupte. The opening track on the album is the melodious 'Kusumita'. Written by Shyam Raj it is a feel good track with Vaishali Samant doing well as the singer. The track is an apt start to an album in which the singer is out to prove her versatility. The following track, 'Aika Dajiba', is the most mass-appealing track on the album. Written by the composer Avdhoot Gupte himself, the track is quite foot tapping and full of pep. Like one of her earlier track 'Dhagala Laagli Kala', this one too is fusion track in which Marathi folk music has been blended with trendy western beats interspersed with rap. Vaishali seems to be having a party while rendering this track. A sure shot chartbuster. The third track on the album is another fusion track. Titled, 'Saila', it is written by once again by Avadhoot Gupte whose lyrics like for the previous track are simple yet effective. Vaishali Samant renders the track with a lot of verve and once again proves a point or two about her versatility. The next track, 'Meri Dhadkan', is a pleasant romantic track. Written by Chandrashekhar Sanekar it has Vaishali rendering the track in a free flowing style. The track uses the chorus in an interesting way making it sing a few Marathi folk songs. The following track, 'Piya Laage Na Jiya', is another fusion track. It starts with a poet (shair) to break into an alaap and then merge with western music. The classical touch on the track makes it an interesting listening experience. The track is jointly written by Avadhoot Gupte and Shyam Raj and like most of the tracks the lyrics here too are simple yet effective. Vaishali is in very good form here. The sixth track, 'Yeh Jigar', is another interesting composition, which is based on lounge music and Maharashtrian folk music. Written by Avadhoot Gupte it has Vaishali once again doing a neat job with her rendition. The penultimate track on the album is 'Pal Pal', written by Shyam Raj. This track provides another example of Vaishali's versatility. The composition adds to the charm of the track. The concluding track on the album is, 'Yeh Samundar'. Based on trance music the track is written by Avadhoot Gupte. The best thing about Vaishali besides her obvious talent is the confidence with which renders all the tracks on the album and showcases her vast vocal range. On the whole, Aika Dajiba, is a good album for people wanting to listen to some pleasant compositions and some very impressive singing. What sets this album is that it is not your typical indipop album yet it is not totally experimental.
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