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Album : Tera Naa
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 05/05/2002
Rating : 7.37
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Tera Naa Changa Laga
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
2. Seeti
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
3. Hoon Haal Ve
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
4. Dila Merya
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
5. Gwandne - Remix
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
6. Pani
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
7. Ashqan
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
8. Gwandne Chubbara Utte
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
9. Gabru Putt Sardara Da
Singer(s) : Madan Maddi
Album Description :
Album: Tera Naa
Singer: Madan Maddi
Track Listing:

01 Tera Naa Changa Laga
02 Seeti
03 Hoon Haal Ve
04 Dila Merya
05 Gwandne Remix
06 Pani
07 Ashqan
08 Gwandne Chubbara Utte
09 Gabru Putt Sardara Da

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by Manjurul60 done on 02/23/2006 : Highly Recommended !! 8/10
This album has been released in the UK under Sukshinder Shinda`s name with the title `Break It Down.` The Indian version, Maddi`s `Tera Naa` has one extra track and some the song titles are slightly different. Otherwise the UK and Indian versions are identical. Shinda must be given credit for two things on this album: the diversity of the beats and the consistency of the quality of each track. After going through the first half of the album, the diversity of the beats is obvious. The title Track is a slow ballad, Track 2 is a dance track, Track 3 has a bassline reminiscent of a pop chart topper of the early-90`s, and Track 4 starts out with a catchy piano loop and carries into a slower, more traditional number. The last five tracks is where the album really picks up. Track 5 is good Drum & Bass track (which Shinda is known for). Track 7 could very well be played in the most hardcore hip-hop clubs. While banging hip-hop beats pervade the track, Shinda inserts desi style occasionally, with short sets of dhol, tumbi, and tabla. Track 8 is not on the UK version of this album, but is a decent desi mix of the earlier D&B track. Perhaps the hardest hitting track on the album is `Pani` (titled `Aag Lag Jau` on the UK version). It has a little of the flavor which Shinda typically lays down on Jazzy B`s tracks. It`s hard to decide what is the best part of this song: the hard dhol, the catchy chorus, or Maddi`s delivery in general. They are all hot. Be careful when you play this song; your speakers may just burst into flames! The last track `Gabru` is the most fun song on the album. There are two distinct, almost polar styles on this track. Transitions from D&B to Desi and back are hot. UK rapper HMC lends his voice to one verse. `Gabru` really gets you out of your seat and makes you want to dance. (Subsequently, the music video for this song is quite entertaining.) Overall, Madan Maddi`s album Tera Naa is highly recommended. Whether crossing genres from track to track or mixing two extreme flavors into one song, Maddi and Shinda grab the listener`s attention from the beginning of each track and hold on tightly until the last beat. Hats off to Maddi and Shinda for putting together a hot album.
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