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Album : Jugni - Arif Lohar Remix Album
Type : Dj Remixes
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 09/30/2006
Rating : 7.44
Home Page :
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Jugni - Arif Lohar
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
2. Ik Phul Motiye Da
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
3. Toba Mein Vyah Karke Pachtaya
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
4. Eidan Aiyan Ni - Arif Lohar
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
5. Mitti Deya Baweya - Arif Lohar
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
6. Sacha Rishta Maanwan Da
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
7. Das Mein Ki Pyar Viichon Khatiya
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
8. Koka Tera Sat Rang Da - Arif Lohar
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
9. Ghara Vajda
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
10. Sajna Teri Yaad Satave
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
11. Gudiyan Patole
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
12. Ishq Da Chakar
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
13. Tumbi Vajdi
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
14. Choti Umar Siyana Tera Nakhra
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
15. Mitti Deya Daweya (Dance Mix)
Singer(s) : Arif Lohar
Album Description :
Album: Jugni - Arif Lohar Remix Album
Singer: Arif Lohar
Label: Hi-Tech Music (UK)
Music: Dj Chino
Track Listing:

01 Jugni
02 Ik Phul Motiye Da
03 Toba Mein Vyah Karke Pachtaya
04 Eidan Aiyan Ni
05 Mitti Deya Daweya
06 Sacha Rishta Maanwan Da
07 Das Mein Ki Pyar Viichon Khatiya
08 Koka Tera Sat Rang Da
09 Ghara Vajda

Original Bonus Tracks:

10 Sajna Teri Yaad Satave
11 Gudiyan Patole
12 Ishq Da Chakar
13 Tumbi Vajdi
14 Choti Umar Siyana Tera Nakhra
15 Mitti Deya Daweya (Dance Mix)

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by tarkhan36 done on 10/24/2006 : jugni 7/10
jugni and nakhra are the the two very good songs in this cd to me....all the other songs are pretty good tooo.....
Review by LUTONGEEZA786 done on 10/25/2006 : jugni! 10/10
where is that rock music jugni?? this version is good too but the rock one rocks!! :-)
Review by zafardina done on 10/26/2006 : jugni 10/10
this is a great album, decent songs that you can listen with family around,not like many songs that are rude,dirty & all they talk about is girls.great work by muktar sohata & great voice like arif lohar.
Review by punjbpimp done on 10/26/2006 : Reincarnation of Alam Lohar 10/10
Bol Mitti deya bawaya, could not have been done any better even by the legendary Alam Lohar. Arif Lohar def. proved his genetic predispostion to music in this album. Must have album.
Review by mossman done on 10/29/2006 : 21st C entury Jugni 8/10
Top Notch Move over Mr Rumta
Review by Jiddijatt done on 10/29/2006 : good 9/10
good songs jugni
Review by madrax1 done on 11/01/2006 : Music just doesn't do the lyrics justice 5/10
Lyrics - Excellent Vocals - Not far off the great man himself Music - A total disgrace
Review by zakali4u done on 11/02/2006 : Great job 8/10
Mukhtar has done a brilliant job after all he is a sahota. Arif sang brilliantly and that genetic too from his lohar connection. to make this even more brilliant [10/10] maybe double act was required or an alternative tone... techno or loud bass music.
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