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Album : Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 07/28/2006
Rating : 8.48
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Sada Kee Ae
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
2. Bootta
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
3. Kadd Pyaar Ho Gaya
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
4. Boli O Boli
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
5. Kurhiye
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
6. Punjab
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
7. Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
Album Description :
Album: Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean
Singer: Babbu Maan
Label: T-Series
Producer & Director: Darshan Bagga
Lyricist: Babbu Maan
Music: Babbu Maan
Track Listing:

01 Sada Kee Ae - Babbu Maan & Sunidhi Chauhan
02 Bootta - Babbu Maan & Sadhna Sargam
03 Kadd Pyaar Ho Gaya - Babbu Maan
04 Boli O Boli - Babbu Maan
05 Kurhiye - Babbu Maan & Sadhna Sargam
06 Punjab - Babbu Maan
07 Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean - Babbu Maan

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by lakers2004 done on 07/29/2006 : Excellent Album 10/10
Babbu Mann did it again with this excellent album....!!!!! All The Best Form Romeo!!!!!!!
Review by hsnath2003 done on 07/30/2006 : rab ne banaiyan jodiya 10/10
babbu mann has been a good singer ever since he launched his career in music this album is incredibly good and this is my girlfriend's fav singer so thumbs up 2 him
Review by desidhillon done on 07/30/2006 : gr8 10/10
crazy album from babbu yet again... boli o boli and punjab are awesome tracks.. duets are nice esp first one and title song is good as well.. cheers..
Review by doabanjatti done on 07/30/2006 : Very Nice album 10/10
Babbu Mann has done it again. Best desi style album of the year so far. Sunidhi Chauhan's voice is so soft, I'm glad he didn't use Jaspinder Narula like all the other singers. I love the album although Babbu Mann as person is not my favourite, but I love his music, so I suppose thats what really counts.
Review by rajan82 done on 07/30/2006 : Brrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 10/10
again babbu mann has done a very gud album and theres some different bcz he has choosed a hindi singer sunidhi chauhan but she sings very well in punjabi and the main thing is that babbu mann always used the pure punjabi words and this album is the greatest biggest hit of the year. its really gud mann brrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Review by harishkap done on 07/30/2006 : Damn!!!!!!!! 10/10
Off da hook. Tight Lyrics, Almost all the songs are good. Another one by Babbu Maan. What can I say, finally a good album that you can actually listen to. Better than most of the albums out there by people who can'y even sing. Big up to Maan. Peace
Review by JINDZ done on 07/30/2006 : good good 10/10
lovin the album...especially boli o boli and his punjab track....very goooood
Review by paul_30 done on 07/30/2006 : great muzic n lyrics 10/10
babbu did it again ..bruaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. nycee lyrics .. n nycee voice of sunidhi chohan .. ye gud that he didn't choose jaspinder narula <
Review by nuttyboy done on 07/31/2006 : Wicked Album 10/10
This albums just too sick (good). Wicked Album. Babbu Maan has smacked it again with this album...another brilliant album added to his other excellent albums.
Review by Gaurav20045 done on 07/31/2006 : nice album 10/10
babbu mann has done it again. what a great album. so nice to listen. all tracks are gud. keep it up babbu.
Review by SANJUJI81 done on 07/31/2006 : GREAT CONTRIBUTION BY BABBU 10/10
First hi to all, this is my first review for any album on this site. 10/10 for music, very good lyrics & good experiment of singing duet songs by babbu maan.... good keep it up. Finally punjabi music got substitutes for female voice. message to all:----- the music is too good, so pls do not download but buy only original music to listen depth of music. only this is justice for our punjabi artists, singers, musicians & lyricists. They work so hard to contribute these kind of albums.
Review by amarinder done on 08/01/2006 : undescribable 10/10
first of all , ssa, hi to all i m from surrey ...i got this album on 28th ....the same day it was released...and from that moment til now..i have listented to every song like 100 u can guess how good the album is...i dunno wanna rate this album ...cuz rating is infinity. now on the lyrics...pure desi and lyrics steal the show again....Music is getting better ..this album has this enw feature...duet songs of babbu mann./...duet songs in this album works like "sone te suhaga"..dats desi punjabi too...babbu's lyrics r too deep which makes him an exceptional talent.on the songs....kad pyar ho gaya and saada ke a and boota are really good slow sad/love fav song is Punjab and boli o boli. all the songs r gud..eventhough i downloaded the album ...but being a true i bought his each and every album and i m going to buy this one too...when it comes to my city. can't wait for the next release and this movie....anyone hav info abt this movie..please share ...bas hor ke kehna babbu ne kamaal kari payi a ..Again Worth TO DOWNLOAD AND BUY.....babbu's albums have special place in my music collection.....ok yaaro bahut likhta hun ...ssa..... Lambran da mundaa from surrey...(Punjab ch Patiala ton)
Review by amarinder done on 08/01/2006 : UNDESCRIBABLE 10/10
ne tun sappan dian serian ch kadhi hoyi tun jeth de mahene de koi tapdi dupeher....tere utte senti aaj ho geya a jatt mere jaan nikalde jaave.....zulfan ne muhra liya a enj thak ne jiven lapeta maare sapp ne....ghum ke main wekh aya main duniya eh saari labhni ne mauj punjab wargi....saadi be jawani rabba lang jaave saukhi kite mil jaave nittri shraab wargi........hillde ne lak te halaun sarkaaran ....modhe utti kahi jatt chadda a nakke....khetan wich rabb ke karna a makke...milna hove je pehle umare kudi nu safe jagah ne koi kamaad wargi....paayo bhangre te gaayo aaj ghodiyan ...rabb ne banaiyan jodiean....neend udd gayi sunauna nahi koi lorian...chache taaye saare firde ne talle veere naal nach bhabhi bethi kyun kalli........sad songs now....ssada ke a appna tan din katti jaane a chazz ch paake sadhran nu assi chatti jaane a(deep meaning)...maa waaste mamta de menu aksar dindi rahi....jag diyan dittian peeda da mul watti jaane a....dangran wangu waqt de khurli chatti jaane a(deep meaning)....main even laa betha ishqe da boota mere hath ch fakeri a hath khali thootha...gilli lakad wangu jind thukdi rehndi chete kardi hovenge tun uthdi behndi....mere ishq de boote te biba patchad chayyi...magdi agg jadaan di chaldi purwayi...mere aapne dha gaye ne mere mehal munare....ek tere wagon ne ke hor a jagg ne menu aaj be bharosa hai biba poora rabb te...eko ardaas karan main doven ek baari jeunde jee fer honge mele...last one......kade saahan wich koi was geya ...kad zeher haddan wich rach geya ...kad es dil da duniya de naal takraar ho geya menu pata e ne lageya kad pyar ho geya.....hun rabb naalo be wadhke mera yaar ho gaya.....sauh rabb de kalean jeuna hun bekaar ho gaya bahut wadda review likhta.....athri jawani teri firre machri biba koi darda hath na paave.....buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
Review by cmtaman done on 08/01/2006 : Very Good 10/10
I think this is an amazing album. This guys is already singing with Sunidhi Chauhan and Sadna Sargam. He has that soft voice suited for duets for filmi songs. I think music for dance songs could have been little better. Aman Hayer gave music for Mittran Di Chatri and Pakki Kanak in PYAAS. Overall I like his effort. Sad songs are awesome. Congratulations, very good effort. Keep up the good work.
Review by hsnath2003 done on 08/01/2006 : Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean 10/10
wow first 10.0 rating i have ever seen on desiest
Review by amarinder done on 08/02/2006 : Awesome 10/10
cmatman - music for pakki kanak and mittran di chattri was given by Babbu Mann.....but aman hayer provided those rappers.....thats music contribution from Aman Hayer.
Review by cmtaman done on 08/03/2006 : Aman Hayer 10/10
Amrinder, Aman Hayer helped Baabu Maan make music for these songs. It was not only proving the rappers. Why would Babbu Maan only go to Aman Hayer for rappers? The music creation was a joint venture between Babbu and Aman. Ok answer this, Why did Babbu Maan not use those rappers in this album? Have a look at the CD cover for PYAAS and phone Babbu maan if you have to. PEACE. Amazing album by Babbu Maan.
Review by vicky100179159 done on 08/04/2006 : cool 10/10
cool album check punjab song it is really a cool song
Review by Jiddijatt done on 08/10/2006 : BLAST 10/10
Hi To all Once again babbu maan did his best with his new album but... as I heard its movie and its movie songs which starrer babbu maan in the movie how ever music is really good keep it up
Review by aman303 done on 08/12/2006 : Awesome 10/10
once again great album by babbu maan simply awesome!!!! do anyone like to see babbu with shindaa ??????
Review by courtpunjabi done on 08/19/2006 : lets see what's the movie about 7/10
music and compositions are really good, and thats what i liked the most. lyrics are okay, some are really good once, its babbu mann he always write something "hatkey" from others. 6th song (punjab) i don't really get that song, there is'nt one perfect theme, he says 'milna hove je peli umrey kuri nu safe jaga nai koi kamad warigi' this is'nt promoting punjabiat, this little thing could cause him big troubles. guys think over this one
Review by amarinder done on 08/21/2006 : (controversial line) 10/10
courtpunjabi is kinda rite in pointing out that"safe jagah ni kamaad wargi" creates controversy, in surrey(vancouver) this topic was raised on Radio India, and they take this line off whenever they play this song. "punjab" has one theme(opposing to what courtpunjabi said). The theme of "punjab" song is to prove that punjab is way better place to live than other countires in terms of its culture, types of people and their hospitality. Punjab provides us the culture which we(not all of us) forget if we go to foriegn countries like canada, us, uk etc. Theme statement: Ghum ke wekh aya main duniya eh sari labhni ne mauj punjab wargi. Types of people: PUNJAB: uth ke savere loki na lende rabb da dove hath jod bhla mangde eh sabda Foriegn contries: tadke he gore marijuana khich lende. kam ch jaave baleat garkada Culture: Punjab: aaj be punjabana ch sharm te sang bai, khullean pidan ch ethe lagde ne akhade, jatt de tan tor hai nawaab wargi. modhe utte kahi jatt chadda a nakke. Foriegn: bahar ne bharosa koi weather women work da, weekend jaake striptease wich wehnde. He's providing supporting points for his theme statement. one more thing for that controversial line, it also depends on one's thinking how you take that line..may be kamaad is just considered as a place where no one can see the two lovers that's why babbu added "SAFE JAGAH(place)" . May be Babbu is trying to say that kamaad is a safe place to meet a girl during the first stages of love(early days) cuz in kamaad ..none of their relatives can figure out and tell them mum n dad about their(lovers) love story, so their love story can be hidden from the outer world. atlast it depends on one's thinking of how we perceive that lyrics. Most of our thinking is affected by our experiences and outer world as whenever we hear this word kamaad we associate this word with..... u all know what i am trying to say...baHUt likhta yaar in the end chakdey fatte Babbu buraAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh ...can't wait for next album (lambran_da_munda)
Review by Desi_Gabroo done on 08/23/2006 : Chakkk De!!! 10/10
Once again Babbu Mann pulls one out of the hat, this has to be one of the best albums from him i have heard so far. I love thwe Kurhiye and Boli O Boli. Cahakki ja phatte te Jatta de kake fikar na fake! bruuuuUUUUAAAAHH!
Review by purejatt22 done on 08/29/2006 : great 10/10
this is a excellent album. I really like it. It was nice to hear babbu mann with sunidhi chauhan and sadhna sargam. Lyrics are deep.
Review by ASD done on 09/13/2006 : Brilliant 10/10
excellent lyrics, excellent vocals, excellent music
Review by jantibrar1 done on 09/26/2006 : jatt fattey chakk 10/10
one day this dude will beat up all the "maans" are out there. hard to find a guy who write songs like didar sandhu. all of his songs are with deep means and in other side very commen and cultural like "piyo bi ajjkal badiyaan social gallan karda hai, oh bi apne jatt puney di hami bharda hai". this what you see in your daily life. his lyrics is more cultural,desi and real then any other writer in punjab. even gurdaas mann couldn't beat him. top off all this saadh-jatt is not grumpy like every other punjabi singer. i've seen him in bombay garden (union city-CA) he was walking to the people and say sat sri akal. i;m dying to see his movie.
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