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Album : Gurdas Maan Live In Concert In Toronto 2003
Type : Singer
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 06/20/2003
Rating : 8.87
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Intro To Gurdas Maan Live (2003)
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
2. Ik Om Kar
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
3. Ik Tu Hovein
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
4. Challa (Live 2003)
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
5. Punjeeri And Yaar Punjabi Eh
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
6. Bhul Gaye Yaar Puraane
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
7. Lakh Pardesi Hoyee-h
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
8. Sanu Te Essa Mahi
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
9. Mutiyarre Jaan Door Pia
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
10. Apana Punjab Hove
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
11. Pind Dian Galian
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
12. Mamla Garbar Hai (Live 2003)
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
13. Tim Timaunde Taria
Singer(s) : Gurdas Mann
Album Description :
Album: Gurdas Maan Live In Concert In Toronto 2003
Singer: Gurdas Mann
Track Listing:

01 Intro To Gurdas Maan Live (2003)
02 Ik Om Kar
03 Ik Tu Hovein
04 Challa (Live 2003)
05 Punjeeri And Yaar Punjabi Eh
06 Bhul Gaye Yaar Puraane
07 Lakh Pardesi Hoyee-h
08 Sanu Te Essa Mahi
09 Mutiyarre Jaan Door Pia
10 Apana Punjab Hove
11 Pind Dian Galian
12 Mamla Garbar Hai
13 Tim Timaunde Taria

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by gkirat done on 05/16/2006 : Great live show 10/10
This was a great live show and thats why now Gurdas Maan DONT allow recordings of his live programs..but Gurdas maan is a great stage performer as he adds more to his songs than in his albums songs...........
Review by lovepreetb done on 05/17/2006 : gud show 10/10
wonderful live show
Review by ramanjit007 done on 05/17/2006 : best 10/10
Gurdas maan ji is the best , all the songs are very very good Gurdas Maan ji tusi thop ho ho ho................
Review by randhawa_18 done on 05/19/2006 : show 10/10
Gurdas Maan Ji Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . as alwayz no one half as compared to the great ma(a)n on stage . . wat a performer !!!!!!!!!
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