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Album : Kahani
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 04/01/2006
Rating : 8.72
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Kahani
Singer(s) : Roop Kanwal
2. Nakhre (Duet)
Singer(s) : Roop Kanwal
3. Kach
Singer(s) : Roop Kanwal
4. England
Singer(s) : Roop Kanwal
5. Kaash
Singer(s) : Roop Kanwal
6. Khair
Singer(s) : Roop Kanwal
7. Yaar
Singer(s) : Roop Kanwal
8. Aashiq
Singer(s) : Roop Kanwal
Album Description :
Album: Kahani
Singer: Roop Kanwal
Co-Singer: Sudesh Kumari***
Music: Sachin Ahuja
Label: Ramneek Music Company Ltd. (RMC)
Presentor: Charanjit Sandhu
Producers : Lakhvinder Sandhu & Mani Sandhu
Programming By: Pankaj Ahuja, Kush Ahuja, Sarang Ahuja & Santosh
Recorded By : Pankaj Ahuja
Recorded & Mixed @: Sangeetika Studio, Delhi
Track Listing:

01 Kahani
02 Nakhre***
03 Kach
04 England
05 Kaash
06 Khair
07 Yaar
08 Aashiq

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by singhrule done on 04/05/2006 : very good album 10/10
bai sachin ahuja no one music director. te is navenn munde ne taan kamaal karti kahani song taan very good. kach gaane ch taan bai ne yamala vangu hi gaayaaa. eho jehaa singer hi punjabian da maaan . balle oye Punjbio!!!!!!!!!!!! with love [punjabi jukeboX]
Review by sikhwizard1 done on 04/06/2006 : ehme nakhre na kar mere jaan.... Brrruah! 8/10
This guy sounds like sirdool sikandar and hans raj hans, listen to song No.5 kaash then you will hear and realise yourself. Its a very nice album abit of everything, very nice punjabi songs worth the DL give it try this dude will do well.
Review by munecapreciosa done on 05/06/2006 : ayyyyyyyy hai 10/10
if i could i would give this album higher than a 10!!! kineeeeeeee wadia awaaz!!!! omggg this guy knows how to sing! and sachin ahuja ji..... wow what great music!! this guy will make it sooooooo high!
Review by bhangraluv done on 05/19/2006 : bhaji kanwal ur great 10/10
mah god this cd iz off da charts man. Best sad song i ever heard track 1: Kahani. Lets go Sandhu's........Sandhu power. England has gud music but if it waz about USA or sumthin it would've been better. no offense peeps from England. Great cd woth downloadin:) i'll give it a 20 out of 10 ;)
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