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Album : Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab
Type : Singer
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 12/12/2005
Rating : 8.39
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Matlab
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
2. Bin Tere
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
3. Goshanashi (Remix)
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
4. Jadoo
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
5. Ek Chand
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
6. Goshanashi
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
7. Sansanaathi
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
8. Milegi Tu Kahan
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
9. Knocking
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
10. Jadoo (Remix)
Singer(s) : Rajiv Goswami
Album Description :
Album: Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab
Singer: Rajiv Goswami
Label: T-Series
Lyrics: Ifran Siddiqui
Music: Rajiv & Ifran
Track Listing:

01 Matlab
02 Bin Tere
03 Goshanashi - Remix
04 Jadoo
05 Ek Chand
06 Goshanashi
07 Sansanaathi
08 Milegi Tu Kahan
09 Knocking
10 Jadoo - Remix

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by Manjurul60 done on 02/11/2006 : Highly Convincing !!! 8/10
There are some albums that make an instant impact with the launch of the first promo itself. Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab by singer Rajiv Goswami is one such album that got the status of MOST AWAITED within three days of the promos being out. And why not when you have a handsome young man with a rugged look dancing to the groovy beats along with Bipasha Basu, who comes back to the music video scene after a hiatus. Since the day the title song of this album has been on air, there has been immense curiosity surrounding this album that promises to be yet another youthful, energetic and peppy musical score. The wait is finally over with the album hitting the stands that has music conceived by Rajiv Goswami, lyrics by Irfan Siddiqui and arrangements by none other than Salim Sulaiman who created a 'Kaal Dhamaal' and followed it up with some great background scores in the recent movies. Pritam and Panchhi are the guest composer and lyricist respectively for the title song. 1) Matlab [Singer: Rajiv Goswami, lyrics: Panchhi Jalonvi, music: Pritam] Much has already been written in the earlier columns about the title song of the album 'Mujhe Mere Pyar Se Matlab' that had HIT written all over it since day one of its release. Everything works tremendously in the song's favor, be it the rhythm, rendition, lyrics, sets, choreography, costumes, lighting - just about everything. Rajiv has a deep soft voice that is completely opposite to his physical appearance, hence bringing in a surprise angle. In the times when packaging is the key word, this foot tapping dance number wins hands down. Add to it some wonderful use of rap, chorus and supporting vocals and a superb number is ready for you. Rajiv Goswami not just sings and looks good but dances to perfection too! As far as the opening track is concerned, he has all the makings of a star! 2) Bin Tere [Singers: Rajiv Goswami & Irfan Siddiqui - voiceover] Immediately after a rocking number comes a soft number 'Bin Ter' that is a sweet romantic track with a good voiceover by Irfan. The tune is simple sans any unnecessary intrusions and comes across as a cool breeze. The number could easily pass on as a lounge number due to its soothing feel and it an ideal number to be played over a romantic'n'quiet candlelight dinner. Rajiv's voice suits the lovey-dovey mood of the song well. 3) Goshanashi [Singers: Rajiv Goswami & Shweta Pandit (aalap), remix by John Eduri & Deepak] At first look, one doesn't quite understand the meaning of 'Goshanashi' and one thinks that the meaning may get clearer once you hear the song. Everything goes fine once the song begins since it too is a rhythmic track without getting too loud. The number belongs to the traditional pop category but still the meaning of 'Goshanashi' remains unanswered. Last resort 'Google' too doesn't give any help and one would now expect lyricist Irfan Siddiqui to come forward for the help! The song first appears in a solo by Rajiv in its remix version and later Shweta Pandit joins him with a soothing 'aalap' that accompanies the song throughout. The kind of voice Rajiv has, it sounds even better in the slower mellowed down version, which makes you sway to the tune. While the remix version makes you hit the dance floor, the softer version is good enough to be sung around a bonfire. That's the distinction between the two versions! 4) Jadoo [Singer: Rajiv Goswami remix by John Eduri & Deepak] There is an Arabic influence at the beginning of 'Jadoo' that also has good doses of Indian music as it progresses. A song that takes a couple of hearings before you settle down to its unique style, it again appears in an original and a remix version. One won't be surprised to hear the remix version blazing at top volume in up market pubs and discotheques soon! 5) Ek Chand [Singers: Rajiv Goswami & Kailash Kher - aalap] A song about comparing the 'chand' in the sky to the one on the ground, 'Ek Chand' could have gone unnoticed as one of the routine tracks but all credit to Rajiv Goswami who gives it a contemporary feel. The song may have been often heard but it is Rajiv's youthful rendition and a modern day touch to it that makes it worth hearing. Add to it some 'aalap' by Kailash Kher that gives the song an altogether different dimension by giving it a lounge effect. The song maintains the pace of the album well and adds on to its overall consistent feel! 6) Sansanaathi [Singer: Rajiv Goswami] A soft romantic number, 'Sansanaathi' again has a distinct soft pop feel to it with fusion of western music with a little dose of Indian classical. If this wasn't enough, there is a bit of rap'n'regaae associated to it too. But what remains with you in the end is the melody and soft voce of Rajiv that makes the song a decent affair. It is surely not a chartbuster in the making but can be heard along as a part of the album. 7) Milegi Tu Kahan [Singers: Rajiv Goswami and Mahua] Mahua joins Rajiv Goswami for yet another bona fide pop track of the album - 'Milegi Tu Kahan'. A hip-hop number with a beat one-beat two feel to it, it is of the kind that starts sounding good after repeated hearings. But frankly its the songs before this that create a much better impression as this one continues to sound like an ad jingle. 8) Knocking [Singers: Rajiv Goswami and Kunal Ganjawala - aalap] 'I am knocking the door of your heart' - that's how the final song of the album goes that has a fun feel to it. Lyrics are a mix of English and Hindi and are set in a conversational mode. If it was a song in a Bollywood movie, it would have a qualified as a 'chalu' number. While most of the songs before this were either dance tracks or soft romantic songs, 'Knocking' doesn't really end the album on a highly convincing note. Call to a case of undue expectations but one somehow felt that Rajiv Goswami's 'Mere Yaar Se Matlab' may turn out to be one of the biggest non-film albums over the years. After hearing the tracks, one gets a feeling that this is not the case since the songs are above average to good but that's about it. Don't go with a belief that 'MPSM' is the greatest album this side of the century and you won't be disappointed. And if not anything else, just lap up the title song. It ROCKS and continues to be the best offering of the album followed by 'Bine Tere' and 'Goshanashi'.
Review by harinder1 done on 02/16/2006 : Good 8/10
Nice songs
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