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Album : Pesa Nasha Pyar
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 02/01/2006
Rating : 9.31
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Intro To Non Stop Kajra Club Mix
Singer(s) : Bohemia
2. D.e.s.i
Singer(s) : Bohemia
3. Do Dat Dance
Singer(s) : Bohemia
4. Gangsta Shit
Singer(s) : Bohemia
5. Veera
Singer(s) : Bohemia
6. For Rilly Though
Singer(s) : Bohemia
7. Favourite Spot Featuring Sin & Snoop Dogg
Singer(s) : Bohemia
8. Kurti Featuring Sir-Punj
Singer(s) : Bohemia
9. Sahara Featuring K-Ji
Singer(s) : Bohemia
10. Mundiyan To Bachke Featuring Curta-C
Singer(s) : Bohemia
11. Kali Denali
Singer(s) : Bohemia
12. Welcome To The Outfit
Singer(s) : Bohemia
13. 2 Of The Best Featuring RD
Singer(s) : Bohemia
14. Chordo
Singer(s) : Bohemia
15. Bhul Ja
Singer(s) : Bohemia
16. Nachiye
Singer(s) : Bohemia
17. Remind Me
Singer(s) : Bohemia
18. The Message - Bohemia - Pesa Nasha Pyar
Singer(s) : Bohemia
19. Sade Warga
Singer(s) : Bohemia
Album Description :
Album: Pesa Nasha Pyar
Singer: Bohemia - The Punjabi Rapper
Track Listing:

01 Intro To Non Stop Kajra Club Mix
02 D.e.s.i
03 Do Dat Dance
04 Gangsta Shit
05 Veera
06 For Rilly Though
07 Favourite Spot Featuring Sin & Snoop Dogg
08 Kurti Featuring Sir-Punj
09 Sahara Featuring K-Ji
10 Mundiyan To Bachke Featuring Curta-C
11 Kali Denali
12 Welcome To The Outfit
13 2 Of The Best Featuring Rd
14 Chordo
15 Bhul Ja
16 Nachiye
17 Remind Me
18 The Message
19 Sade Warga

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by songsrcool done on 01/20/2006 : music 10/10
damn that kali denali song is hella dope, i hella wanna hear the rest of the songs--DJ Hans
Review by lilly done on 01/20/2006 : Baaaaaaam This is Tied 10/10
I like To listen PUnjbi Rap Bohemia is my Best Punjbi Rapper
Review by desishaman done on 01/22/2006 : great album 10/10
its gonna be a great album, must check it out, bohemia is a great pun rapper, ture lifestylez. lukin forward to the song with Snoop Dogg
Review by BigDada done on 01/27/2006 : Bohemiaaaaa 10/10
reppin da bay! Bohemia is one of a kind! There aint no rappa like him in tha uk/canada/usa/india....unmatched!
Review by desi321 done on 02/01/2006 : Pesa Nasha Pyar 10/10
I like To listen punjabi Rap Bohemia is my Best Punjbi Rapper i think he is the one offff the best out thier. good luck tooo him.
Review by DesiUnit done on 02/01/2006 : This is da sh*t 10/10
This is da sh*t....this is the best album of the year! love his rap keep it up...all the songs sound really good cant wait to hear the snopp song....;)
Review by lovebrar done on 02/02/2006 : why dont they compose their own music 1/10
copy case.........baba sehal style and 50 cent music haaaaaaaaaaaaa
Review by Desi_king done on 02/02/2006 : wat da 1/10
We are punjabi we need bhangra not some rap crap
Review by bhaura done on 02/02/2006 : suckssssss!!!! 1/10
what in the world is this...punjabi and rap don't go this how punjabi culture is gonna be..giv me a break..these ppl need life, big time!!!!!!!!!
Review by jatt_on_line done on 02/03/2006 : chakk de fatte 10/10
dont hate... wut ever bohemia is doing....doing to promote new thing in our culture.... every uk "bhangra album" has one or 2 copied music that are rap or hip hop.... bohemia took it to another level... Kali Denali ...puttin bohemia on top...even bally sagoo is producing bohemia now... i think it is well done album
Review by rajihothot done on 02/15/2006 : dammmmmmmmm he is good 10/10
he is sooooo fine looking man and he knows how to rap....... I give him 10 out of 10..... fine ass man haha i like kali denali song keep up the good workkkkkkkk
Review by gsin done on 02/16/2006 : Awesome 10/10
He's the Punjabi 2Pac! This will be a huge album... Bally and Bohemia gettin together... yea!
Review by anji done on 03/03/2006 : hey 7/10
i think he s good.....he can be on da top one 99% day he gonna sing for bollywood.......good luck bohemia.....
Review by gkirat done on 03/09/2006 : is he a punjabi or a black 1/10
why dont he forgot punjabi.......I saw his video..why dont he be a black and sing engi....a dot on punjab and punjabi.....see the video and see how these half-indian and half-punjabi boy/girl could be
Review by Boxer84 done on 03/14/2006 : now we aint have to just look for 2pac 10/10
he is crazy man, now we can play our rap too,as spanish rappers and the niggaz do. he deserves 10 outa 10 he has invented the new genration theme, and everybody is gonna be lovin him , very soon.
Review by tiger15560 done on 03/16/2006 : idiots 10/10
this is not suppose to be bhagra. it's desi rap if u don't get that concept why waste ur time writing. people don't just want to listen to the same stuff over again that is why this good. he's doing something positive and old farts just can't accept it. this album is tight if u gotz the ballz to listen.byez
Review by akapila1 done on 06/27/2006 : new 10/10
this guy is the beginin of somethin real new i hope he make it big n show these gora n blcks wut us panjabi ppl r all about bout time we get some recognition apache indian was the first didn't quite make it as large as he could have bohemia it all u now bruv ... got my support pc
Review by makf done on 07/15/2006 : BOHEMIA = tere warga ni hoor !!! 10/10
Darn wicked album !!! Great job Bohemia ! Good stylish songs and great lyrics :D Hope to c more good musics ffrom u ;) Good luck to you . And the one dun like him Dun deserve to look forward (they r loosers and never gonna change)
Review by sonusingh done on 07/16/2006 : GReat work! 10/10
damn cool album guyz...great tracks especially sahara n sade warge....bohemia rocks
Review by deepa65 done on 03/09/2007 : One n Only!!!!!! >>BoHemIa<< 10/10
screw all tht be hatin...thiz albumz crayzeeee...u all just jealouz cuz u cnt bloody pull tht shyt...u need da skillz ta pull it off..n bohemiaz da one n only wif it!!! diz an ill album still init
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