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Album : No Strings Attached
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 01/21/2005
Rating : 6.86
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Puth Jatt Thaa
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
2. Honkeh (Weird World Mix)
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
3. Raahe Raahe
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
4. Margay Margay
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
5. Rahe Rahe (The Rishi 'Gooks' Rich Mix)
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
6. Pabi
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
7. Honkeh (I'm Still Angry Mix)
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
8. Fohl
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
9. Puth Jatt Thaa (Steet Mix)
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
10. Tappe (Mohk Thearah Chan Vargaa)
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
Album Description :
Album: No Strings Attached
Singer: Various
Label: Moviebox / Planet Recordz
Track Listing:

01 01 Puth Jatt Thaa
02 02 Honkeh (Weird World Mix)
03 Raahe Raahe
04 Margay Margay
05 Rahe Rahe (The Rishi 'Gooks' Rich Mix)
06 Pabi
07 Honkeh (I'm Still Angry Mix)
08 Fohl
09 Puth Jatt Thaa (Steet Mix)
10 Tappe (Mohk Thearah Chan Vargaa)

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by killerpunjabi done on 01/08/2006 : Good Album 8/10
This is one tight album!! Except the damn remixes suck! Puth Jatt Tha, Rahe Rahe, Pabi, & Tappe are the best songs, wait, thats it there are no other songs the other 6 songs are crappy remixes. But overall the best 4 songs i've heard in a while.
Review by EL_DIABLO_666 done on 01/08/2006 : average 6/10
too many remixes, vocals aren't bad but the music doesn't match most of the time. the album seems to be one which was created in a short amount of time, even though it was advertised for so long. it could have been much better, but most of the songs are just average. i would reccommend the "raahe raahe" remix however.
Review by str8_desified done on 01/08/2006 : wtf!! 1/10
how can this guy be considered a punjabi singer when he cant even pronounce simple punjabi words correctly!!! garbage
Review by supersukhi done on 01/09/2006 : review 8/10
great album
Review by dharmjatt done on 01/09/2006 : Worse Than Any Postcode!!!!! 4/10
A very average album after alot more was promised I wud say this is worse than any B21 album made hence the name "worse than any postcode". How could he come up with a album with 4 songs and try conning the public with sum crappy remixes thrown in!!!!!?
Review by musicalsari done on 01/10/2006 : good 6/10
good album not the most original but filled with jassi trademarks. track 4 excellent but not sure about track 2 and the remix.
Review by Yaari done on 01/11/2006 : Album saved by track 10 6/10
Track 10 Tappe by far the best. Perfect mix of the traditional beats fused with a modern feel. I'm sure it'll be one of the top of the year
Review by h4rjs done on 01/12/2006 : excellent fusion 9/10
very good effort from the brummy lad... continues from where reality check left off. excellent vocals with refreshing music. I understand what others say about the remixes, but in all honesty each remix offers a complete reworking of the song, and isn't just a filler as on many other artists albums. A def. download for all appreciators of good crisp uk bhangra.
Review by Nashaman done on 01/12/2006 : Nice Massi Muzik 8/10
I liked all of the tracks on this CD except for Honkeh (and the remixed version). Keep it up Jassi oye!
Review by redwaterfried done on 01/17/2006 : Not Worth at all. 2/10
Except Track-1,"Putt Jat..." all the tracks absolutely point less. Dont waste your time and HD Space.
Review by gcheema done on 01/22/2006 : not good at all 2/10
I don't know what jassi did this time. All the songs are crape. Don't bother to download. I think I wasted my time to download it.
Review by gillunit420 done on 02/08/2006 : hi 10/10
just so that u guys know this albumb was relesed in 2006 not in 2005. the best jassi of jassi yet. mind blowing. must must must download.
Review by the_indian_lion done on 03/15/2006 : u think so? 4/10
naah, its not as expected. only 2 songs r upto my standards, rahe rahe jaan waliye is nice (not the remix). but overall bhangra is getting popular all over. keep trying jassi...
Review by sublime_jatt done on 05/28/2006 : alrite 7/10
this is alrite... but he dont no how to speek his own native language in sum of the songs. but the songs are good. he has a good voice.
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