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Album : Gaddi Jatt Di
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 10/30/2005
Rating : 9.27
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Gaddi Jatt Di
Singer(s) : Surinder Shinda
2. Kehri Bhua
Singer(s) : Surinder Shinda
3. Sassi.
Singer(s) : Surinder Shinda
4. Kake Di Vadai
Singer(s) : Surinder Shinda
5. Main Votan Vich
Singer(s) : Surinder Shinda
6. Asin Panj
Singer(s) : Surinder Shinda
7. Viah To Pehlan
Singer(s) : Surinder Shinda
8. Dulla
Singer(s) : Surinder Shinda
Album Description :
Album: Gaddi Jatt Di
Singer: Surinder Shinda
Track Listing:

01 Gaddi Jatt Di - Surinder Shinda
02 Kehri Bhua - Surinder Shinda & Sudesh Kumari
03 Sassi - Surinder Shinda & Sudesh Kumari
04 Kake Di Vadai - Surinder Shinda & Sudesh Kumari
05 Main Votan Vich - Surinder Shinda & Sudesh Kumari
06 Asin Panj - Surinder Shinda & Sudesh Kumari
07 Viah To Pehlan - Surinder Shinda & Sudesh Kumari
08 Dulla - Surinder Shinda & Sudesh Kumari

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by sweetdunedin done on 10/31/2005 : Awesome 8/10
Its about time we had some proper punjabi music!!!..Awesome Dhol and lyrics.
Review by sarabjeetsingh done on 11/02/2005 : Real Music 9/10
guys this is call real Music and Real Lyrics. Old songs are Still good no matter when you listen to them. Thanks check it out
Review by ndheri done on 11/02/2005 : changa mall 9/10
high rated, pure desi, good vocals, MUST DOWNLOAD!
Review by davinderlitt done on 03/25/2006 : old is gold that is folk 9/10
hi i m surinder;shinda fan ,he is folk legend he meet me canada vancouver, with his son maninder shinda , he is always done a special inmusic , his e-mail is
Review by sonnysran done on 04/17/2006 : chak te fattey ik wari fer 10/10
its really a good folk duet. with new style by legend surinder shinda all track was very nice specially GADDI JATT DI , really good for driver brother;s i luv this tape . pinda di gal . tape wich hein . family song nee sare , all duets listener download it , putt jattan de chak de fattey
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