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Album : Ziddi 1997
Type : Movie
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 04/11/1997
Rating : 8.57
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Track List : Complete Album
1. O Haseena
Singer(s) : Various
2. Hum Tumse Na Kuch Keh Paye
Singer(s) : Various
3. Hum Tumse Na Kuchh
Singer(s) : Various
4. Mera Dil Le Gaye Kammo
Singer(s) : Lalit Sen
5. Kale Kale Bal
Singer(s) : Shweta Shetty
6. Hum Mile Tum Mile
Singer(s) : Alka Yagnik
7. Aji Suno Suno
Singer(s) : Udit Narayan
Album Description :
Album / Movie: Ziddi
Singer: Various
Starring: Sunny Deol, Raveena Tandon, Anupam Kher, Sachin Khedekar, Raj Babbar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Farida Jalal, Sharad Saxena
Director: Guddu Dhanoa
Producer: N R Pachisia
Music: Dilip Sen & Sameer Sen
Lyrics: Sameer
Track Listing:

01 O Haseena - Kumar Sanu
02 Hum Tumse Na Kuch Keh Paye - Chitra
03 Hum Tumse Na Kuchh - Hariharan
04 Mera Dil Le Gaye Kammo - Lalit Sen
05 Kale Kale Bal - Shweta Shetty
06 Hum Mile Tum Mile - Alka Yagnik
07 Aji Suno Suno - Udit Narayan
Synopsis: Another typical masala film, which has violence (non-stop and excessive: beating, body part ripped off, choking, stabbing, shooting, humans on fire, thrown from high buildings, self-inflicting,), action (trucks crashing into telephone booth, cars and police jeeps, vehicles and buildings blown away, high speed chase), dance by hero (doesn't matter if he knows how to dance or not!), songs (not relevant to the situation), heroine (does not have anything to do), silly and irritating comedy, corrupt and inefficient police (working with bad guys), politicians (mostly dishonest but an honest Chief Minister who vows to get rid off criminals from his state) and a story (what can one say about a story with a motto "Jaanwar ko maarne ke liye jaanwar ban-na padta hai").

Ashok Pradhan (Anupam Kher) is an honest advocate. He has two sons - Deva (Sunny Deol), who can't keep a job, and Akash (Sachin)- and a daughter. Deva is hot tempered and beats everybody up who says anything to his brother or sister. One day his sister comes home crying,"Bhaiya aaj usne phir mera raasta roka, maine manaa kiya to usne mera haath pakad liya". So Deva rips off the guy's arm, in front of the whole "basti" and kills him. He is sentenced to four years imprisonment. After coming out of jail, he still thinks he didn't do anything wrong, so his father asks him to leave the house. Deva starts to help the poor and punish the wrong-doers (like police inspector, real estate tycoon), and becomes rich (How??). Police commissioner makes a presentation to the Chief Minister showing four criminals: drug dealer Jindal (Raj Babbar), real estate tycoon Lala Singh (Shahbaz Khan), gun for hire Khan (Sharad Saxena) and smuggler Deva. But the police has no evidence to bring them to justice. As Deva interferes with the activities of the three criminals, they become his enemies.

On the other hand, Inder Saxena (Ashish Vidyarthi; brother of the goonda whose arm was ripped off by Deva, now Assistant Commissioner of Police) marries Deva's sister! The three "bad guys" make a plan to kill the Chief Minister (why? the police was with them. It was Deva who blew up Jindal's drug factory and was intimidating Lala) and implicate Deva in the murder case. This is heard by Akash. He calls Inder for help, who takes him back to the building where he heard the plan. There he is thrown off the building. Later, Inder calls the CM and Deva to be at one place at the same time. There Jindal shoots the CM, but Deva saves him and take him away with him. Police declares that Deva tried to kill the CM and has now taken him hostage. When Deva's sister figures out Akash's killer, she is stabbed to death. Then, Deva realises that Inder has actually joined hands with the gang and wanted to take revenge of his brother's death. How Deva takes revenge on the trio and saves the chief minister forms one of the bloodiest climax. In the end, CM says "Deva beqasoor hai!". He tells how he was set up to be killed by Jindal and how Deva saved him. Court hands down the sentence. Deva gets seven years in prison (What for? for saving the CM?? throughout the movie they didn't have any evidence against him!!).

The movie is extremely violent (In the beginning, after a short speech by the CM, Deva starts a killing spree by shooting a corrupt police inspector with his own gun and ends with counless policemen and civilians dying by various means) and illogical. (i) Raveena Tandon and her mother's (Farida Jalal) role has no relevance. (ii) Raveena sees two MLA's being murdered in the early part, bad guys chase her for a while till she bumps into Sunny, but then every body forgets about the murder. (iii) When Deva's sister figures out Akash's killer, she calls Deva. Instead of telling him what she found out she keeps on asking him, "Bhaiya aap sun rahe hai na?" till bad guy cuts off the connection. (iv) ACP is being beaten up in his house and he is shouting for help, but his security staff is playing cards outside and don't listen anything. (v) Deva can't figure out how he got involved with CM's attempted murder. He calls Jindal. Jindal and Inder are blaming each other for messing up the situation. Phone rings, Jindal picks up the receiver and keeps on arguing. Deva listens everything. How convenient!!

Although the songs are good, they are out of place, meaningless in the context and not enjoyable. The first song "Mera dil le gayee" is picturised on Sunny Deol and his friends dancing on the streets, without any continuity to the situation before or after the song. He isn't interested in any girls (no Kammo) at that time or for that matter at any other time. Just before the song "Hum tumse na kuchh keh paaye", Raveena tells Sunny that she loves him and wants to spend rest of her life with him. He rejects her. In the next scene, her mother asks him to marry her. They start singing (kya nahin keh paaye? Sab kuchh to keh diya tha).

Music Review: This Sunny Deol and Raveena Tandon starrer is directed by Guddu Dhanoa (Tu Chor Main Sipahi, Gundaraj).

The album starts and ends (Side B track 4) with an excellent dance number "Mera dil le gayee oye Kamo kidhar, main dekhun usko idhar udhar". The song has been sung by new singer Lalit Sen and chorus. It has a great mixing of hindi and punjabi words, and seamless combination of western and punjabi music. Considering the popularity of punjabi pop albums, mainly produced in UK, this is going to be a super hit with the younger generation.

The second number on side A is a great duet (well written and composed) "Hum tumse na kuchh keh paye, tum humse na kuchh keh paye" sung superbly by Hariharan and Chitra. A male solo version of the song (with the same wordings) sung by Hariharan is on side B (third track).

The third song is another super duet "O haseena teri mohabbat ko bata, kya naam doon?" This is a fast paced number sung by Kumar Sanu and Chitra. The last song is another excellent romantic duet "Hum mile tum mile haal apna ajab ho gaya, kuchh pata na chala pyar na jane kab ho gaya" sung beautifully by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik.

The B-side starts with a mediocre dance song "Kaale kaale baal, gaal gore gore" sung by another new singer Shweta Shetty and chorus. It is followed by "Aji suno suno fasana pyar ka bada haseen hai sama bahar ka" sung by Udit Narayan and Chitra.

In conclusion, after a long time an excellent album from Dilip Sen - Sameer Sen, with good lyrics by Sameer.

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