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Album : Kartavya 1995
Type : Movie
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 10/08/1995
Rating : 7.41
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Yeh Dil Ki Dhadkan
Singer(s) : Various
2. Pyar Me Dil Ka
Singer(s) : Various
3. Hamen Kya Khabar Thi
Singer(s) : Various
4. Pardeshiyon Se Puch Puch
Singer(s) : Various
5. Adi Thappa Ye Deshi
Singer(s) : Vinod Rathod
6. Dhadakta Tha Pahle
Singer(s) : Kumar Sanu
7. Roop Nagar Ki Rani Hoom
Singer(s) : Poornima
8. Pardeshiyon Se Puch
Singer(s) : Sadhana Sargam
9. Ek Baar Beta Mujhe
Singer(s) : Udit Narayan
Album Description :
Album / Movie: Kartavya
Singer: Various
Starring: Sanjay Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Aruna Irani, Amrish Puri, Om Puri, Gulshan Grover, Mohnish Behl
Producer: Rahul Gupta
Director: Raj Kanwar
Music: Dilip Sen & Sameer Sen
Lyrics: Sameer
Track Listing:

01 Yeh Dil Ki Dhadkan - Pankaj Udhas
02 Pyar Me Dil Ka - Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik
03 Hamen Kya Khabar Thi - Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik
04 Pardeshiyon Se Puch Puch - Sadhana Saram & Sukhvinder Singh
05 Adi Thappa Ye Deshi - Vinod Rathod & Kavita Krishnamurthy
06 Dhadakta Tha Pahle - Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik
07 Roop Nagar Ki Rani Hoom - Poornima
08 Pardeshiyon Se Puch - Sadhana Sargam
09 Ek Baar Beta Mujhe - Udit Narayan & Sadhana Sargam

Dilip Sen and Sameer Sen, two composers that still have to prove themselves, do it here. With touches of their previous music in Aaina and Yeh Dillagi combined with a creative mix of Indian, American, European, and African music, the Sens have shown their real talent in this album. This album contains all types of songs, slow, medium, and fast, but they are all good to excellent.

The album starts off with a Ghazal by Pankaj Udhas. This Ghazal is the only song that doesn't deliver in this album. "Yeh Dil Ki Dhadkan", "Pyar Mein Dil Ka Murga Bole", and "Humen Kya Khabar Thi" all sung by Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu are very catchy. Kumar Sanu seems to be at his best level of singing yet. The rest of the songs are very catchy, but aren't as good as the previous three. "Adi Tappa Ye Desi Mem Hai" has an odd beat. Vinod Rathod renders this song fairly easily, in his normal deep voice. Kavita Krishnamurty is just okay. "Roop Nagar Ki Rani Hoon", rendered by the annoying-get-used-to-it Poornima, deserves recognition in the music. The odd combination of instruments sounds interesting, but very good at the same time. "Dhadakta Tha Pehle Dil Mera" is another love duet, sung by you know who. "Pardesiyon De Pooch Pooch", rendered by Sukhvinder (composer for the album Sarhad), and Sadhna Sargam is very interesting. Sadhna is excellent. Sukhvinder is great in his part.

Raj Kanwars revenge saga, Kartavya, took nearly 4 years to make due to casting problems and over budgeting and when it finally released it barely managed to scrape the average mark at the box office. Even still, the film remains a watch able action fare with some decent performances and hit tunes!

The film revolves around Karan (Sanjay Kapoor)- a happy, college student who lives with his mom who is a judge (Moushmi Chatterjee). Karan has no troubles at all apart from a reoccurring haunting dream that haunts him. He doesnīt know what the dream means, but it leaves him distressed every time. Karan falls in love with the bubbly Kaajal (Juhi Chawla) who is the daughter of a rich businessman (Saeed Jaffery). Karan and Kaajal happily get engaged and life is just beautiful for the duo till the engagement party where an eons old secret is revealed and accusations fly at Karans mom. It turns out Karans mom is not really his real mom and his real mom is in Sundernagar somewhere!

Now begins the real story as Karan decides to go to Sundernagar and find out the truth about his past and find his mother Gayatri Devi (Aruna Irani). On reaching Sundernagar he finds out from a local butcher Ghulam Rasool (Om Puri) that his mom has been kept in a mental asylum for the past 25 years due to her stepbrother Thakur Ugra Narayan Singh. Gayatri Devi married Suraj (Raj Kiran) and wanted to give all her money to a trust for crippled kids. Ugra Narayan wanted to inherit the money; hence he got Suraj killed and Gayatri framed for the murder and later at a mental asylum. Karan was saved because she gave him to the lady who was her lawyer at the time to bring up. Karan now vows to finish off Ugra Narayan Singh and his entire rule and the rest of the film revolves around how Karan goes about doing that!

Story by Raj Kanwar is not very original at all, but originality is one thing we donīt expect in a Raj Kanwar film whether itīs Jeet, Deewana, Jaan or Judaai. However, Mr. Kanwar does make up for that in his lavish treatment of the film.

Performances in the movie on everyones part are great! Sanjay Kapoor gives his best performance to date as a hero! Here he is given a full-fledged action role with enough scope to emote, enact comedy, romance and dance and he does each pretty well. His emoting skills do need more work, although his dialogue delivery is great! Yes-the Anil Kapoor hangover is there, but I doubt that it is likely to go! Juhi Chawla is good in a typical heroines role. The role was originally to be done by Divya Bharti, but after her demise Juhi took the role and many of her scenes were chopped. She is mostly there for the songs and comedy sequences in the first half and does well. Her presence is not felt in the second half. Aruna Irani excels in her Award Winning role! As the avenging mother she is superb and deserved every bit of that award. The role was written with Dimple Kapadia in mind-but after she refused to play Juhiīs mother Aruna happily took the role. Amrish Puri is also great as always in the evil thakur. He has played this role many times before but here again he manages to pack that extra punch of evilness and humane touch to his character. Om Puri in a short stint is good and makes his mark. Rest of the cast do their roles accordingly and play their part to a T!

Technically the film is ok. The film has a stale look through it and this is due to the fact that it took a long time to complete. Action by Ravi Dewan is a standout and very well canned.

Music by Dillip Sen - Sameer Sen is a pleaser! Like all Raj Kanwar films the music was a rage at the time and it consists of some very nice tunes including Pardesiyon Se Poochch, Pyar Mein Dil Ka Murgha and my favorite Humein Kya Khabar Thi. However, it must be pointed out that there is an overdose of songs in the first half and a drought of songs in the second half.

Dialogues by Kamlesh Pandey are also written with keeping the films theme in mind and those mouthed by Om Puri and Aruna Irani are great!

In terms of direction Raj Kanwar does a pleasing job. He shows his worth as a worthy action director and follows the Phool Aur Kaante formula by having college romance/comedy in the first half and leaving the second half to action/drama and succeeds. Though the film is slow in parts in the first half-the second half makes up for it with a breakneck pace!

Certain portions of the film are notable, such are: The song Humein Kya Khabar Thi and the scenes that follow; Amrish Puris entry in the movie, his eyes evoke terror; The scenes where Sanjay Kapoor kills off the doctor; Gulshan Grovers death and finally, the climax with Aruna Iranis outburst!

The film also has its fair share of flaws. First being the fact the film has a very oft-repeated storyline, some parts of the movie are overdone and seem implausible (witness the climax when a blood soaked Sanjay rises). Secondly the uneven pacing in the first half and the sudden change of mood in the second half, it makes the viewer feel like they are watching two different films. Raj Kanwar should have kept the revenge theme running through the entire film, that would have made the film have more of an impact throught its running. The comedy track by Jagdeep also gets irritating.

Kartavya is a watch able popcorn action fodder and is worth a watch for fans of the action genre or those who enjoy a typical masala film with some good performances.

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