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Album : Koi Kar Ke
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 05/27/2005
Rating : 8.44
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Koi Kar Ke Behana
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
2. Chad Janween Na Channa
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
3. Sanu Nehar Wale Pul Te
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
4. Dilon Man Layee Teri
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
5. Mahi We Bangla Puwade
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
6. Aanda Tere Layee Raishmi
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
7. Aaj Mera Jee Karda
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
8. Bao Jee Main Eik Arz Karan
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
9. We Mein Dil Tere Kadma
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
10. Tere Sadqe We Dildara
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
11. Gori Gori Channani
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
12. Kiwein Mein Kajla Pawan
Singer(s) : Nooran Lal
Album Description :
Album: Koi Kar Ke
Singer: Nooran Lal
Track Listing:

01 Koi Kar Ke Behana
02 Chad Janween Na Channa
03 Sanu Nehar Wale Pul Te
04 Dilon Man Layee Teri
05 Mahi We Bangla Puwade
06 Aanda Tere Layee Raishmi
07 Aaj Mera Jee Karda
08 Bao Jee Main Eik Arz Karan
09 We Mein Dil Tere Kadma
10 Tere Sadqe We Dildara
11 Gori Gori Channani
12 Kiwein Mein Kajla Pawan

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by AsianInvasion done on 05/28/2005 : ok! 7/10
gud album..nice tunes with nice beats
Review by zakali4u done on 06/30/2005 : sanu nehar 10/10
sanu nehar... gonna always be fantastic No matter what the mix is like!!
Review by gagansidhu done on 03/20/2006 : Nooran lal 4/10
aanda tere laye is the most foot tapping song i have heard in (y)ears. Thanks for having it here
Review by anji done on 04/08/2006 : good 9/10
very sweet voice...nice lyric... and da music is ok
Review by brar007 done on 05/14/2007 : 10/10 10/10
just too good. 10/10
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