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Album : Pyass
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 04/08/2005
Rating : 8.34
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Mitran Di Chhatri
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
2. Mere Dil Vich
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
3. Kandh Tapke
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
4. Laarian De Naal
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
5. Pakki Kannak
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
6. Pind Deyan Jhuuhan
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
7. Hiq Utte Gut
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
8. Tere Bhaa Farna
Singer(s) : Babbu Maan
Album Description :
Album: Pyass
Singer: Babbu Mann
Lyrics: Babbu Mann
Label: T-Series

Track Listing:
01 Mitran Di Chhatri
02 Mere Dil Vich
03 Kandh Tapke
04 Laarian De Naal
05 Pakki Kannak
06 Pind Deyan Jhuuhan
07 Hiq Utte Gut
08 Tere Bhaa Farna

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by amarinder done on 04/10/2005 : crazy album 10/10
babbu mann ....bak with his old style...album resemble with tun meri miss india ....all songs r great.....kandh crazy song...same showing as pind pehra lagda....kool album.worth worth worth to buy and download......babbu limit album...rating is infinity
Review by amarinder done on 04/10/2005 : Babbu rocks...... 10/10
crazy album...kandh tapke resemble wid the pind pehra lagda....and all other songs r gud too...mittran de chatrri and mere dil ch all songs r nice man....worth to buy
Review by bindrakhia43 done on 04/10/2005 : Baboo Ji! 9/10
Great songs so far,cant wait to hear the rest, a muct d/l for baboo mann fans!
Review by Gaurav20045 done on 04/11/2005 : best album 10/10
this is one of the best album i have heard from last year.
Review by bigxxxboy done on 04/11/2005 : pyaas 10/10
Babbu is back!!!very good album. all the songs are good. i like mitran di chatri.
Review by shehzhada done on 04/11/2005 : Pyaas 10/10
Excellent work on this album..... still need to listen to the rest of the songs but so far very well... Keep it up desiest and baabu maan. Peace! I'm Out
Review by genevamarathon done on 04/11/2005 : Babbu Maan's Show 9/10
he did show in chicago which doomed big time. i think he have talant but no personalty. when he came on stage it looked like he just walked out of bed. thats how bad his cloths were. i hope he could change the way he dress and stop smokeing .. maybe then people start likeing him more.. again this guy do have talant
Review by romygill done on 04/11/2005 : askhkeee 9/10
not too baddddd,,,,,,but yeh dil maaange more
Review by ramanjit007 done on 04/11/2005 : good 8/10
like always he did it again all the songs are good
Review by Djjattlife done on 04/11/2005 : balle balle 10/10
best album off thee yearr,,
Review by Djjattlife done on 04/11/2005 : balle balle 10/10
best album off thee yearr,,
Review by jattinca done on 04/12/2005 : another hit 10/10
another hit by BABBU oh no its Super Hit.
Review by happy1982 done on 04/12/2005 : Nice..........Very Nice....... 10/10
its a really good album.... i really like "Pind Deyan Jhuuhan" Coz it is dedicated to the Great "Surjit Bindrakhia".. nice song.... the whole album is good....... download it.......
Review by jagdev done on 04/12/2005 : Excellent Album 10/10
Super Album worth downloading actually buy the Orginal also
Review by lakers2004 done on 04/12/2005 : He done it again 10/10
He deliver another great album Balle Balle Jatt Da
Review by hsdhinsha25 done on 04/13/2005 : Great work 9/10
Great Work By Babbu Mann he is true mann
Review by ankhillajatt done on 04/13/2005 : finally 10/10
i have been waitin for this album for a while now and the wait has paid off the album is great, i love the music video of the song mitran di chhatri he lloks like ranjha in the video damn good album balle oye manna chak de grebbian uda te totte burhaaa
Review by uotreps done on 04/13/2005 : babbu maan 5/10
i think songs r ok..but babbu maan cant sing...
Review by hsvirk done on 04/13/2005 : what the hell....... 5/10
i dont think this is best album. i like only 3 songs rest of it like he is reading the leson
Review by amanz916 done on 04/13/2005 : nice album 10/10
This album is off the hook. Chattri is off da hook.. kand tapke sweet... must get album of this year so far... Much props to babbu maan..
Review by sneekyjatt done on 04/14/2005 : Props to my man Babbu 10/10
Best Album of the year... a must download.... super hit... original with the old style....
Review by pawar done on 04/14/2005 : good 8/10
ok album but the thing that lets him down are his drugs and smoking
Review by baaz done on 04/15/2005 : This is where it stops 10/10
Yes, Babbu Maan is the name which no-one can pass.. personal opinion.. all respect to the legendary Gurdas Maan.. how ever.. this guy is, i have to say undescribeable... I dont know if its just me who just loves his music or every1 feels the same way.. but i have not herd 1 song from any of his solo albumz which is not worth listening to. That is why I recken he is the next Gurdas Maan. Maybe he wont gain as much respect as Gurdas Maan because "critics" say he doesnt respect the old tradition of panjabi music and culture but i think he is on his way. Now about his this album.... as a previous user said.. the rating is infinity... more then just worth buying.. if u love this guy.. it is a must.
Review by khokhar29 done on 04/15/2005 : Thumbs Up!!! 10/10
Babbu..... 10 for you man !!!!!!
Review by mun done on 04/19/2005 : AWSOME ALBUM 10/10
AWSOME ALBUM all songs are GREAT, but I do not like his look he looked better his last style.
Review by Atwal done on 04/21/2005 : Ultimate 10/10
Another ultimate album by babbu mann...u jst want to listen this album again n again n again.Thaz what i do...Keep giving us good albums-Babbu
Review by desi112 done on 04/22/2005 : Babbu Maan 10/10
Alright this guy is amazing....everyone is correct in suggesting that he returns to his style, which is amazing....young guy very talented has alot more to come.... the songs will please has alot of variety, some mellow songs, sad songs, party songs, overall mind blowing songs...awesome work yaar
Review by mungy done on 04/24/2005 : YEAH BROTHER 10/10
Not bad at all thats was really nice singing a song about surjit bhindrakhia was awsome not many singers sing song about other people I'll give you 10 every time with your new cd.
Review by jattinmood_29 done on 04/29/2005 : kaim ya pa g 10/10
what a album!!!!!! kya baat hai, nazara hi aa gaya. mitra dee chatri to ud gayi, it is a really good song. i made me dance in the middle of a class. really good job. hiq utte gut, mitra dee chatri, pakki kanak and other songs have very cool and a sensational music. the biggest achievement of the album was the tribute to surjit binderakhia. it was really good to hear babbu mann in full harmony again. i give this album 20 out of 10, bonus 10. really good job
Review by harinder1 done on 05/02/2005 : Excellent album 9/10
Track 1 and 5 are definately worth dancing too Like always getting better with each album
Review by garrydesi4 done on 05/05/2005 : bahut ache 10/10
good songs, the lyrics are too good, well i guess true punjabi eh
Review by sonia1982 done on 05/08/2005 : once again gr8 job! 8/10
babbu has once again done great job. i liked the most mere dil vich, but all songs are good. it depends only on test of listener. Just listebn it and enjoy!
Review by cooljatt2003 done on 05/23/2005 : Good job 10/10
I Like this album. It is very good, I like No 1 & 5. May God bless you.
Review by gabru_shokeen_munda done on 06/20/2005 : not ur calibre 5/10
i think this album is below his standard....Gotta do well man!!!
Review by greatchoice86 done on 06/26/2005 : gr88888888888 album (SUNNY LIKED IT) 10/10
album is crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! every one in town was talkiin abt this album.. that it is gr8... when i downloaded it , i felt that it is Great!
Review by hsnath2003 done on 06/29/2005 : pyass 8/10
mitran di chatri is good song
Review by Chakdey done on 11/26/2005 : The best album 10/10
goood lorrd this album blew me away its so good... mitran di chatri and pakki kanak are kick ass tunez ... abbu ur the best man
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