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Album : Sunset Point
Type : Singer
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 02/28/2005
Rating : 9.7
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Kachche Rang (Female)
Singer(s) : Bhupinder
2. Aa Chal Doob Ke Dekhe
Singer(s) : Bhupinder
3. Aasmani Rang
Singer(s) : Bhupinder
4. Aarzoo Meri
Singer(s) : Bhupinder
5. Pakhiyan Ve (Female)
Singer(s) : Chitra
6. Tere Jane Se
Singer(s) : Bhupinder
7. Jal Bhar De
Singer(s) : Bhupinder
8. Kachche Rang (Male)
Singer(s) : Bhupinder
9. Pakhiyan Ve (Male)
Singer(s) : Bhupinder
Album Description :
Album: Sunset Point
Singer: Bhupinder & Chitra
Lyrics: Gulzar
Music: Vishal Bharadwaj
Track Listing:

01 Kachche Rang - Chitra
02 Aa Chal Doob Ke Dekhein - Bhupinder & Chitra
03 Aasmaani Rang - Bhupinder & Chitra
04 Aarzoo Meri - Chitra
05 Pakhiyan Ve - Chitra
06 Tere Jane Se - Bhupinder
07 Jal Bhar De - Bhupinder
08 Kachche Rang - Chitra
09 Aa Chal - Part II - Bhupinder & Chitra

Suron pe chalta afsana - Sunset Point is the latest presentation by Gulzar featuring a simple story of love. The album features 8 songs, tied to a theme. The story is narrated by gulzar and described thru songs in the voices of Bhupinder and Chitra. Gulzar excels with the pen and his narration is a treasure for his fans. Gulzar returns to the dome of love and romance with this album. The music is by Vishal Bhardwaaj. The master craftsman starts his story with a girl coming to a sunset point for making an effort of suicide as she has been forced to marry someone she doesn't love.

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by Manjurul60 done on 03/15/2006 : Beautiful!! 10/10
Album: Sunset Point Artist: Gulzar, Bhupinder, Chitra Label: Sony Music A love story unfolds through the narration and the songs as the subtitle - Suron pe chalta afsana, suggests. Conceived, written and narrated by Gulzar, Sunset Point is definitely a work of great beauty. The narration and the lyrics merge as completely as the colours red and yellow do in the setting sun. Singers Chitra and Bhupinder have done more than justice to the songs, which take forward the love-story. Chitra's voice is soft, subtle and vivid and the tone of her voice itself tells the story of two separated lovers and their pining for each other. It is largely the woman's voice we hear, as she recalls her first meeting with her lover, their times together and the eventual separation. The album partly draws its title from the story that makes for the central theme. The Sunset Point as it turns out, is the lovers' secret meeting place where the separated twosome could be reunited once more. The words and lyrics teamed with his expressive rendition never fail to stir emotions. Consider these - Kachche rang utar jane do, mausam hai guzar jane do, nadi mein itna pani, sab dhul jayega. Or the happy number, Aa chal dubke dekhe, ek do chand se kude, or the poignant song, Tere jane se to kuch badla nahin, raat bhi aayi thi, aur chand bhi tha, haan magar need nahin, neend nahin....Music director Vishal can only add to the beauty of Gulzar's words with his lilting tunes. Thankfully, background orchestration is kept at a minimum. Also, adroit use has been made of the sound of running water, suggestive of the eternal flow of love, time and life. This Sunset Point is definitely worth revisiting after a frazzled day. It diffuses the serenity of sunset.
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