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Album : Aashiqui - Jassi Sidhu
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 11/01/2004
Rating : 7.16
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Aashiqui
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
2. Majajne
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
3. Jaan
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
4. Raat
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
5. Dil Lutiya
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
6. Bhabi
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
7. Hasya Kare
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
8. Din
Singer(s) : Jassi Sidhu
Album Description :
Album: Aashiqui
Singer: Jassi Sidhu
Track Listing:

01 Aashiqui
02 Majajne
03 Jaan
04 Raat
05 Dil Lutiya
06 Bhabi
07 Hasya Kare
08 Din

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by dev77sg done on 11/11/2004 : Proving a Point? 3/10
All old B21 songs. Maybe Jassi is trying to prove a point?
Review by pawar done on 11/27/2004 : good 8/10
chack de jassi my mum loves the album
Review by jagdev done on 12/06/2004 : GOOD ALBUM 9/10
The three new songs which have been remixed are wicked Aashiqui, Majajne and Bhabi. Also the video to Aashiqui is so wicked.. Repect Jassi Keep the good work up...
Review by harinder1 done on 12/17/2004 : NOT THIS AGAIN 3/10
Review by sunith done on 12/24/2004 : wat is the point 1/10
this is stupid. know change in any of the songs - he obviously did allot in b21 but he cant just steal the tracks and put them in his own name. this guy has a good voice but just spoils it by releasing trash like this
Review by harinder1 done on 01/11/2005 : For india 8/10
What you need to know is that this album is intended for India who have not heard any of these songs. I would predict that this album will be a hit in India
Review by Sukh280 done on 01/11/2005 : good 10/10
this is a tyte album bringin ol skool bk wid a nu vibe hot jassi real hott (mod edit)
Review by fez786 done on 01/16/2005 : b21 Aashiqui 5/10
Remember one thing people, this album was only released to make avaiable the tracks aashiqui, din raat & viah. this album is not intended as a major release in the uk it was only that fans wanted copies of those songs which were only available in india, hence the cheap price. the album is released under the b21 as the tracks were copyrigted under the b21 name. i admit da vix n ratten remixes r c*** but they were prob only produced in like a week or somethin. even though jassi has a lot more unreleased music that he could have used instead it is as i said this album is not meant as a major release, jus to make 3 tracks avaible to jassi fans. Expect the proper albums for jassi around march n da b21 albums later next year.
Review by qish done on 01/16/2005 : Once Again... 4/10
This was jassi's idea to release this album cause his been concentrating on India more he felt that the indian market needed to hear his versions of the popular B21 songs..this was originally for the international market didn't really understand why it was released in the uk.. I do like the aashqui track other than that the other mixes are not justified, darshan has a good break but the vocals are thin, no vocal energy no bally, no boota..doesn't make sense. I think the record label should think about the marketing side before releasing these "not worth it" albums.
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