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Album : Trinjan
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 12/28/2003
Rating : 9.08
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Kalli Kurti
Singer(s) : Various
2. Baankiye Naar
Singer(s) : Various
3. Ambaan Te Tootan Di Chhaan
Singer(s) : Various
4. Attrey Di Shishi
Singer(s) : Various
5. Kache Kache Kach Diyan
Singer(s) : Ratnika Tiwari
6. Nikrrhi Sui
Singer(s) : Manpreet Akhtar
7. Reja Rang De
Singer(s) : Manpreet Akhtar
8. Gidha
Singer(s) : Manpreet Akhtar
Album Description :
Album: Trinjan
Singer: Various
Track Listing:

01 Kalli Kurti - Sardool Sikander & Sudesh Kumari
02 Baankiye Naar - Sudesh Kumari
03 Ambaan Te Tootan Di Chhaan - Manpreet Akhtar, Ranjana, Ratnika, Sudesh Kumari
04 Attrey Di Shishi - Manpreet Akhtar & Ranjaa
05 Kache Kache Kach Diyan - Ratnika Tiwari
06 Nikrrhi Sui - Manpreet Akhtar
07 Reja Rang De - Manpreet Akhtar
08 Gidha - Manpreet Akhtar

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by paul done on 12/29/2003 : nice album overall 7/10
So this is the first album I have seen that is ladies centric. Without doing much non-rating related I will jump right into songs.. First song, Kalli Kurti, is not all that great. Sardool Sikander part is pretty weak, it sounds almost like another love "do-gana". Sudesh Kumari picks it up a little with second song Baankiye Naar. I would consider this the beginning of the album. This is elements of "ladies songs". It could use a little more beat. Third song, Ambaan Te Tootan Di Chhaan by Manpreet Akhtar definately picks up on the beat. It is a nice song too. Danceable. Overall it has a nice flow. Attrey Di Shishi is a another cool song that a gidha song can actually dance it. It has a fast beat. Ratnika Tiwari does a good job singing Kache Kache Kach Diyan. It is a girly happy song about a girl whos is married ( maybe not), but she is happy that she has choodian that match her 'mahi''s rang. Nikrrhi Sui is sad song by Manpreet Akhtar about a girl who just got married. Reja Rang De is another Manpreet Akhtar song which is just a happy girly song. Eighth song is probably the best song in this album. It is gidha boliyan. Very good new boliyan. Overall it a pretty good album. I would recommend any punjabi folk fans to buy this album.
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